Please post your Van Cleef & Arpels pieces here!

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  1. image-2897331210.jpg

    Vintage bracelet from 1968 bought in Paris .18k gold and Burma rubies.
  2. Malachite yellow gold Magic Pendant

  3. Magic Alhambra letterwood pg pendant

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  4. [​IMG]

    back row - Small Lotus earclips, Pave white gold Frivole earclips
    middle - Large Fleurette earstuds
    front row - Vintage Alhambra yellow gold pave earclips, Vintage Alhambra white gold pave ear clips
  5. Oh wow! You pretty much own everything there is to own! Love your collection

    Calisnoooy you have a beautiful collection as well, and at such a young age.

    Next on my list is an onyx bracelet. I do want a wg bracelet but no available options and i don't want to repeat the stones I already own in YG.

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  6. sweet alhambra in mother of pearl/ yellow gold

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  7. My VCA earring family!:biggrin: sweet alhambra earstuds in onyx and carnelian, vintage alhambra earrings in RG and WG Diamond.

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  8. Great collections everyone!!!
    I have also joined the club after more than 2 years going back and forth...decided and ordered a Vintage Alhambra Grey Mop ring, it came 3 1/2 months later but totally worth the wait! :yes:

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  9. IMG_1480508610.800394.jpg



  10. IMG_1521852206.983342.jpg IMG_1521852216.271303.jpg

    Perlee Pave Hoops
  11. My family photo IMG_2289.jpg