Please post your ULTIMATE SOFT Ligne here!

  1. Black Quilted Lambskin HOBO with silver hardware Mid 2005 purchase - AUD$1950 (i think)

    Is this the right place for this bag?
    DSCF0070 copy.jpg DSCF0060 copy.jpg DSCF0059 copy.jpg
  2. Black medium quilted Ultimate Soft
    Fall/Winter 2006
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    Please post photos, price, color and item number of your Ultimate Soft pieces here!
    As always, no questions or comments permitted, they'll be deleted.
  4. Large Ultimate Soft 1795.00
    us.JPG us2.JPG us3.jpg us4.jpg
  5. Medium quilted ultimate soft
    A29285 Y01480
  6. Pics and info (applicable to Nordstrom) courtesy of CHANELboy

    Small - $1595
    Quilted lambskin, available in beige or black

    Large - $1675
    Lambskin, available in beige or black
    (large beige on left, small black on right)
  7. Basket weave red/coral ultimate soft in lambskin
    07P A34487 Y01480
    $2425 from Saks
    US1.jpg US2.jpg US3.jpg US4.jpg
  8. Here's my small black Ultimate Soft, purchased from the 57th Street NYC boutique for $1840 (darn price increase!).

  9. Ultimate Soft Medium
    Lambskin White Metal
    $ 1840
    08P A29285Y01480




  10. Medium Lilac. I just checked, the current retail is $1,840. This color is discontinued and impossible to get.
    us1.jpg us3.jpg
  11. Black Medium Ultimate Soft (pre-increase)
  12. lambskin medium, got it for the pre-increase price, $1595
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    2007 White Ultimate Soft Sombrero Satchel bag. Retail $2250.00 got it for $1376.00 on sale at Neiman Marcus last July.

  14. Drill Hobo version A46137Y01969 $1990 euros purchased in Paris in April/09
    CC Drill Hobo1.JPG CC Drill Hobo2.JPG
  15. Large Ultimate Soft
    Purchased March 2010