Please post your *RED* Chanel items here!

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    Please post photos of your Chanel items in shades of red.
    If you have it, please include style #s and color codes, prices, etc. . . . as well.
    As always, please no commentary in the Reference Library:tender:
  2. 05 red lambskin e/w flap

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  3. bordeaux reissue (225 or 226?)
    1400 euros
    KIF_8622.JPG KIF_8625.JPG red reissue.JPG
  4. 2007 med/large red lambskin with bijoux chain
  5. 2007, Red Jersey E/W flap, $1895

  6. Soft Madison (not patent) in red lambskin with silver-ish -purple /grey interior lining.
    I believe it was $2150 USD.
    IMG_5118z.JPG IMG_5119z.JPG IMG_5122z.JPG
  7. 06'A- Fall Winter Dk. Bordeaux Reissue size 226
    Silver Hardware
    ccred1.JPG ccred2.JPG ccred3.JPG
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  8. Red, orangey, pinky depending on the light, Perforated Medium Flap, sorry it had no tag. Bought in May 2007 for 1600 euros. Picture taken on a cloudy day, in bright natural light... it changes a lot in the sun or artificial light.
    perfora1.jpg perfora2.jpg
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  9. 06 red lambskin ultimate soft frame bag
    A29283 Y01480
    color code 81643
    Picture%20004 (3).JPG
  10. 07 red caviar medium classic flap w/ bijou chain
    A35190 Y01588
    color code 81643
    $2200 CAD
  11. red medium flap, fall 06 ( i think):shame:
    red flap.jpg
  12. Red Modern Chain East/West Tote

    Year/Season: 06A
    Style#: A33378 Y04167
    Color Code: Rouge 91663
    Chanel Modeling 005a.jpg Chanel Modeling 002.jpg
  13. Red Jumbo Classic

    07P A35192Y01588 Color #81643

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  14. ^^Modeling picture of same red Jumbo that Michele has pictured above:
    4-20-07 007.jpg
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