Please post your pics of Pony Bags here......I need all colors that were made

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  1. As some of you know, I'm trying to create new color charts and I need shots of your pony bags with the color name. Try to post photos with the handles up. I need to crop in on the hair and the leather. Thanks for your help.:heart:
  2. I found a bunch of photos I can use but now I need help identifying a color. Do you know what this color is:

  3. Limited Edition Goat Bag - Fall/Winter 2006

  4. Thanks live! That bag is gorgeous btw. Does anyone know the color name of the first bag I posted?
  5. I bet you Amour or Firstclass1 will know!
  6. Blush/Calcaire w/ Swarovski crystals




  7. FW 06 (Rust w/ Maroon leather trim)

  8. ^^I don't remember a pure white - the blush refers to the Pony Hair colour, and its pretty darn pale. I've seen it look white in certain lights.

    RE the crystals - I wondered that too - I know pp100 has the City in the same combo as that First, but I think they might have been a Special Edition. So its pos. that they made that colour combo with the regular hardware also.
  9. Wasn't there a caramel? Could that be your bag, cracker?
  10. That would make sense. Thanks for all the names of the colors as well. Now I can finish it up.

    Thanks ICB!
  11. Here's what I have per ateliernaff's blog --

    Black/Nero, Bianco/Swarovski Crystals, Naturale, Olive/Khaki, Violet/Ink, Cornflower, Rose/Calcaire, HK LE Cow Print

    The list didn't include incoral's Rust w/ Maroon, but HTH!!!
  12. Thanks everyone! I think I've got them all except the caramel. I can't find an example of that one yet. The problem I'm finding is the names aren't consistent with each color. I'm just going to do my best and if they end up being incorrect we can always modify it later.:smile:
  13. Thanks Cracker. This bag was made from goat fur, unlike the previous seasons pony bags that were made from cow skin. There also was a LE pony bag in brown/white cow fur that was released for the opening of the Bal boutique in Japan. It was only available in Japan.

    The the official name of the white fur bag with the swarovski crystals is called "Bianco". It was a part of the Holiday collection in 2005. The Bianco color was the only bag that was available with both Swarovski crystals and regular hardware.

  14. I recently purchased an olive pony hair make up bag. I just got a Mac and I haven't figured out how to dowload photos though :confused1: