Please post your paddy wallet pictures

  1. I need a little help with a wallet, so if you have any pictures of the locks from all angles, especially underneath, I'd appreciate it please! Thank you
  2. Wow Eucalyptic, I have no idea how I missed your thread! That's a lovely collection of wallets! :nuts: I love the colour of the mousse and noir! But I really want a wallet like that navy! It's so cute!
  3. Hi everyone...

    how much credit cards can you put into the Large chloe paddington wallet?
    There are not so much or?

    In which wallet you can put lots of cards?

    Best wishes
  4. The C-buckle wallet holds 12 credit cards while the padlock wallet holds 8 (I think. I have to check my wallet at home again).

    leanbeanee, I hope you get your wallet soon!
  5. oh 12 thats a lot.... but i couldnt see at pic.

    so you but 6 credit cards at the front,so when you open the wallet you can see them and the other 6 are from the other you have to turn over the wallet to see them, right? hope you know what I mean
  6. Here's the inside of the C-buckle wallet. Pic from eBay.


    Here's the long paddy lock wallet. 4 card slots on each side. Pic from Aloha Rag.


    And yes, you have to turn it over to see the other side though the slot configurations are exactly the same.
    paddywalletinside.jpg paddylockpic.jpg