Please post your metallic Chanel items here!

  1. Please post photos of your Chanel items in metallic shades.
    If you have it, please include style #s and color codes, prices, etc. . . . as well.
    As always, please no commentary in the Reference Library:tender:
  2. 225 light silver reissue

  3. Gold Le Marias flap:

  4. Luxury Ligne Bowler in Bronze/Khaki $2160
    P7240305 (Medium).JPG
  5. Sorry, I am not too sure of the name of this...maybe is the older version of the Cloudy Bundle in silver?:shame:

  6. [​IMG]

    Metallic Black 227 Reissue- retails $2,495.00 (10/2007)
    approximate dimension- 12X8X3
  7. Dark silver Sharpey flap bag, USD2350. Hawaiian special edition for 07A.

  8. My Cotton Club large tote {GST} in bronze:
    style # A34318Y04419
    color bronze 70943
    IMG_0796.jpg IMG_0805.jpg IMG_0800.jpg IMG_0809.jpg
  9. khaki (bronze) baby cabas, usd1995:

  10. I have since returned this gorgeous little number :crybaby:but here goes!

    Dark Silver Metallic Wallet on Chain
    $1340, purchased 8/07 from Neiman Marcus
    ChanelDarkSilverMetallicReissueWall.jpg DkSilverMetallicWalletonChain001.jpg DkSilverMetallicWalletonChain002.jpg DkSilverMetallicWalletonChain003.jpg
  11. Dark silver 226 reissue (purchased at NM last year for $1995 plus tax) and light silver 225 reissue side by side:

    Dark silver reissue modeling pic:

    Light silver reissue modeling pic:

    Matte gold medium flap (modeling pic). From the 07P collection; purchased for $2150 plus tax. Style # is A01112Y01582, and the color code is 40851 Or Pale.
  12. 07' Metallic Black Reissue 228 $3150

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  13. My 07 Metallic silver medium classic flap. pre tax $2495. From Chanel 57th st,NYC.
    07A A35283Y04543 45004
  14. October 23 008.jpg
    Metallic black reissue 226