Please post your favorite wallets!

  1. LV Zippy Coin Purse
  2. Best wallet I ever owned is Ralph Lauren lizard embossed wallet with. Bought it over 15 years ago and it still looks great. Only have a light scruffing at the corners & a pen mark inside. Wore it everyday until my recent purchased of the LV sarah wallet. It's similar to the sarah but only about 2/3 the size and with a turnlock clasp.
  3. A nylon and leather lined Prada wallet, I bought it five years ago, used it almost everyday and it still look new.
  4. Chanel black caviar long wallet! I love it so much I'm considering purchasing the smaller version of it!
  5. Gucci has the best wallets, in my opinion
  6. Absolutely, hands down the Hayden-Harnett clutch wallet. I love that thing.
  7. By far, my Large Zip Wallets from Marc Jacobs have been the best wallets. They are a good size, I love the continental wallet styles, there are numerous card slots, a zippered pocket, two slip pockets, and a couple open spaces, as well. I own one in black and one in bronze:



  8. Tano Texas Fold'em! I'm so organized it's ridiculous. :wlae:
  9. LV Sarah Vernis Wallet in Pomme. I searched forever before buying this one. It holds everything I need and looks like the day I bought it. Up until now I changed wallets almost as often as I changed bags.
  10. This is my favourite - Chloe A/W '02 Tourbe (dark brown) Continental Wallet with amber resin clasp (on left).

    I like it so much, I've never used it inside a bag - only as a clutch.

    I had to buy the (black) French Wallet variation of it to use inside bags (on right).

    I'd happily buy more, if they weren't so rare. :smile:

    I'm always looking for the clutches from this line, too, but they're like hens teeth, as well. :sweatdrop:

    I think, of the few that were made, most must have been worn-out and/or the people who still own them like them far too much to sell them! :biggrin:
    Chloe AW '02 Continental Wallet with Amber Clasp, smallest ch copy.jpg Chloe AW '02 French Wallet with Amber Clasp, small ch.jpg
  11. ^ That's gorgeous!!! I have an Anuschka that really wears well.
  12. YSL Y-mail coin purse

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    my current love it the MbMJ totally turnlock flap clutch wallet .... the leather is so soft!
  14. I love my BV deerskin wallet, but my current favorite is this yummy lambskin number from Ferragamo:

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    hobo international's lauren wallet. my wallets must have snap closures, and this wallet has two. they open wide like a crocodile :biggrin: so I can get stuff in and out easily. (I cannot abide little zip pockets that hold exactly two dimes and nothing more) it has a big interior zip section into which I put store receipts, and it has three easy-access slots for credit cards.

    they make this in yummy colors every season, plus the standbys.

    price is around $120 when it is not on sale, but once I found a purple patent one at marshalls for $30

    here is a link to some laurens: