Please post your Crimson Sophias!!!

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  1. I'm set on purchasing a Crimson sophia but i can't decide on which size (i posted a thread here -

    I wish there was a size between the two bags!

    I'm not going to have much time to go back before next week and worry that she might sell out so i plan on doing a phone order.

    I would always carry her as a handbag....

    I tried searching through old threads but its very difficult to do that with a 5 month old sitting in my lap :lol:

    So if anyone could share their photos of the crimson sophia in small or large, and modelling pics too, i would hugely appreciaite it!! Thanks!!!
  2. I would love to see everyone's modeling pics of any Sophias! Good choice on the crimson! They are gorgeous!
  3. Me too! The color looks sooooooooooooooo beautiful.