Please post your Cartier pieces here!

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  1. Cartier Tri-gold Trinity ring (no diamonds) A$1300 (

    Cartier Yellow Gold LOVE ring A$1550 (inc. tax)
  2. Happysnoopy's Ballon Bleu Medium in Rose Gold with Diamonds
    Cartier Ballon Bleu Medium in Rose Gold with diamonds.jpg Cartier Ballon Bleu Medium in Rose Gold with diamonds1.jpg
  3. 18K Yellow Gold LOVE Necklace- $1,575
    cartierneck1.JPG cartierneck2.JPG cartierneck3.JPG
  4. 18K Yellow Gold and Stainless Steel Santos Demoiselle- $5,750
    18kcartier9.JPG 18kcartier4.JPG cartier2.JPG
  5. 18K Yellow Gold LOVE Bracelet- $3,600
    cartierbracelet1.JPG cartierbracelet2.JPG
  6. 18K Yellow Gold w/center Diamonds LOVE cone ring $2,150
    cone1.JPG cone2.JPG
  7. 18K yellow gold LOVE ring- USD $ 1,250
    lovering1.JPG lovering2.JPG loveringplus ear1.JPG
  8. 18K Yellow gold Mini LOVE hoops earrings- USD $ 1,250
    loveearing1.JPG loveearing2.JPG loveearing3.JPG
  9. As requested more pictures of the 18K Y/G Cartier LOVE necklace from my post #18 (necklace is 16 1/2 inches)
    cartierneck2.JPG cneck1.JPG cneck2.JPG cneckclosure.JPG
  10. :love:Here's my 18K Yellow Gold Ladies Roadster w/ croco band- USD$ 8,650.00 (plus tax)
    roadster1.JPG roadster2.JPG roadster3.JPG roadster4.JPG
  11. Graceful1. Wow.. you have soo much Cartier. :smile:

    Here is my new screwdriver necklace.


  12. Cartier Roadster Large

  13. Cartier Roadster Ladies size (Satin finish strap and SS bracelet):heart:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  14. Cartier LOVE necklace, WG with 6 diamonds, the SA called her 'the circle of LOVE'.:heart:
    necklace 1.jpg necklace 2.jpg cartier3.jpg
  15. Cartier 18k Yellow Gold LOVE bangle (open)