Please post your Cartier pieces here!

  1. Please post photos and any add'l info you have {description, size, year, style #, etc. . . }.

    This thread is for photos ONLY, please start a new thread w/ comments or questions.

  2. Cartier LOVE Ring

    Rose Gold. This is the one that has 2 layers.

    Close-UP Cartier RingTFS.jpg MeCartierRingTFS.jpg
  3. Cartier Le Baiser Du Dragon Diamond Wishknot Pendent. :love:

    CartierBDDNecklaceTPF.jpg CartierBDDwithRubyTPF.jpg

    1.56Ct Diamonds set in White Gold, with dangling 2Cttw Rubies.
  4. Cartier Trinity ring with scattered diamonds...this has the 18k yellow, white and rose gold bands.
    050  rrfront.jpg
  5. Another view of Trinity...
    055 ab.JPG
  6. Here is my beloved daily baby, Cartier Tank Chronoreflex SS band.

  7. "Cartier Boutique window photo 915" - Cartier large pear shape diamond earrings & large emerald cut diamond ring

    Photo taken February 18, 2008 at:

    Boutique Cartier
    370 North Rodeo Drive
    Beverly Hills, California 90210

  8. my la dona cartier watch
    DSC01572.JPG DSC01573.JPG