Color Please post your *BLACK & GREY* Chanel items here!


May 25, 2019
Was told that it’s be a good post for the library so here it is:

Hi all! I hardly see much info on the trendy cc in greys. So decided to make one I hope people who have side by side comparisons can share their photos as well :smile:

This is the 20p grey trendy cc normal quilts & LGHW (Thinking if I should get this as well )
View attachment 4648427
Looks blue in different lighting
View attachment 4648428
On the shelf with its grey sisters
View attachment 4648429

Here is the 19b 28 series grey trendy cc with wide quilts LGHW (My fav! Wide quilts are such a breath of fresh air & the colour is beige grey so versatile!)
View attachment 4648430
View attachment 4648431 View attachment 4648432 View attachment 4648433

Lastly I’ll throw in the 25 series grey trendy cc chevron LGHW (As chevron for me a little boring? But to each his own, it’s still a chanel!)
View attachment 4648438 View attachment 4648439

It would be nice to have all of them, including Black normal/wide quilts , the beige, the burgundy, generally GHW looks more classy on the trendy I can’t put my finger on it. ahhh I’m so crazy about trendys [emoji23]
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Lastly I’ve felt the lambskin on the trendys & they feels lush yet sturdy!!! Not at all like my 13series classic beige claire lambskin, that one feels nice but too tender... & my 16series if I remember correctly the lambskin bowling bag gosh the lamb felt like plastic.
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