Please post your "Before" & "After" pics.............

  1. I notice that some B-bag leather color changes over time. Ashleyby has posted her rouille bag before & after 3 weeks of use & the leather color just changes to a different color. I'm so curious about ink...& other colors as well. If your b-bag changes color after a few weeks of use, can you please post the "before" & "after" pictures so you can share with us. :yes: Thanks a lot!!!
  2. Great idea! I will next Monday. Let's ask other PFers to do the same.
  3. Excellent idea! I will take pics of my ink city on post them! It is true, the leather gets more plush over time!
  4. Before and After, Cornflower 06'. Same bag, marbling gone.
    I've worn the bag off and on for a month.
    I zoomed in with photo shop so you could see the detail better.
    cornflowerchange.jpg cornflower change2.jpg
  5. WOW Winona- it looks even more gorgeous as it has changed! Thanks for the pictures! Did the leather get softer?
  6. Absolutely, and less shiny.
    I wasn't expecting it to change at all, it's surprised me, even the DH...who rarely notices anything aesthetic has occured to ANYTHING said, "Your bag has broken in, it looks good, even more blue"
    I was shocked!
  7. Wow! I love it this type of thing, it is one of the things I love about Vuitton leather trim, that it gets better over time. Now I can look forward to my bbags getting better too!
  8. Brilliant! Calling all PFers to join the thread! :biguns:
  9. ^^^ Ditto!
  10. winona77: Your cornflower do look more beautiful after only 1 month of use. :yes: Thanks for posting the pics!

    PF members: Keep the pictures coming! I wish I can post too, but I haven't get my first bbag yet :roflmfao:
  11. Winona, did you use the blue bag everyday for the first 1 month? because I have the same blue bag & it's not distressed at all... now I know why it's not distressed... it's because it's a used bag.... even though I thought I bought the brand new one from another PF member...Another thing is did you have problem with your tassel? mine is almost splitting now... even when I received it, it's almost splitting...
  12. winona, your cornflower distressed beautifully. the leather looks soft and smooshy. it's good to know that there's hope for the new, shiny leather. did you put apple guard or conditioner on it?
  13. kiara- I've carried it probably 20 times, max. I noticed in some of my tassles (on other bags) there are splits halfway up the tassle. They aren't very sturdy.

    esile- yes!! the leather is very smooshy, there still is sign of the original marbling, but it isn't as obvious and looks a lot more natural.
    I haven't conditioned it!!!!!! I have been thinking about it all week though, and I can't wait until I finally buy the stuff and find out exactly how supple I can make the bag!

    The downside for me's a city, and I'm not fond of this size at all. I had a post up to actually trade this bag when there was a marketplace. BUT!!! I LOVE LOVE the leather and the color!!! Just the size.
  14. winona, i've never used the conditioner on my bbag... only the apple guard. a friend of mine used the conditioner on her magenta and it changed the color slightly... a bit darker. so be careful. but, i wonder for people wanting to make their bags less veiny, marbly... using the apple conditioner might be an option.

    yes... :cry: so sad about the marketplace... the city is a great size, but not for everyone. well, if you ever decided to sell it, you'd have no problem.:noworry:
  15. thanks for the color tip. i'll eventually have to try it out.
    I'm not sure I want to sell it though... the leather and color are so nice..I just want to wake up and find it's a first.