please post when u see SEPTEMBER VOGUE!

  1. It's an annual ritual for me (and I'm sure many of you): Eagerly waiting every August for the September issue of Vogue to come out. I love to see all the fashion spreads, ads, and of course, the bags! Last year's edition was 800-some pages. I read that Kate Moss is on this year's cover (although maybe only for the British edition; not sure).

    *** Whoever spots September Vogue on the newstands, please let us all know ASAP! :flowers:
  2. Oohh! Sounds like I'll have to pick it up. Does it cost more than regular Vogue?
  3. Kate Moss is on the cover of UK Vogue
    Kirsten Dunst in on the cover of US Vogue
    Both issues are out in UK & US since last week as far as I know. I live in Greece so unfortunately I haven't got them (I don't think they'll be here for another 1-2 weeks:hysteric: )
  4. Ans yes, September issues are usually the best of the year!!:heart:
  5. ^^^No, I think the UK version is out (it comes out earlier), but not the US version...
  6. Yay!! I love September's issues!!!
  7. The cover:
  8. But maybe you are right..maybe it's not on the stands yet..maybe some people got theirs first because they subscribe..:shrugs:
  9. ^^Well, it's not on newstands here yet, at least not in Washington. Usually Vogue comes out the third week of the month. You say you got yours in Greece?
  10. I cant wait until I get it!!,I love the august issue alot. FYI girls the september issue is one of the BIGGEST issues!. My dad retouches the pictures and he spend over 60+ hour's on it. So ill tell him atleast it was worth it =D
  11. No, I haven't even got the August's issue yet:sad:
    The pic is from another forum. Some people have already got the issue
  12. Sept Vogue release is a religious holiday for me ;)

    After I've looked it over a few hundred times I like to play a little game: everytime I open a page I pick one thing that I would buy if I thing per page is harder than you may imagine! Elle and Bazaar Sept issues are pretty decent too :smile:
  13. TOO FUNNY! Perhaps I should call my company's HR dept. to see if it qualifies as an official vacation day!!!!
  14. I have it. Kate on the front (she fronts no fewer than 8 ad campaigns inside ;)), and its the international collections special edition. Apparantly, we should all be looking to sort our winter wardrobes and it must consist of a great bag, oh so thats ok then ;)

    A fab double page piccie of the new Prada Gauffre bag, ohh its lovely, will not spoil any more surprises, promise

  15. ^^^ Where do you live chloe-Babe? Any idea when the regular U.S. version hits the streets?