Please post RETURNS of your purchases from the Spring/Summer 2016 Sale here

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  1. Hello all Chanel Sale Enthusiasts,

    If you are returning any items from this sale to NM, Saks, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Barney's, etc, please kindly post a pic of the item (and tag if possible), and the store name and location that you are returning it to.

    If you are returning it to a specific SA, please indicate this so that whoever is interested in the item can pm you for your SA contact info.

    For those who are interested, please simply pm the TPFer for the SA contact details. Please do not post on this thread asking the TPFer to pm you or say that you pm'd the TPFer. Such posts simply clutters the thread with no added value.

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  2. My Saks sa has this bracelet, pix borrowed from IG

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  3. do you know the price?
  4. $855 but I think it's sold now sorry