Please post pictures of your TRUFFLE bags.

  1. I am confusing my brown bags. I think I don't like the lighter brown and I didn't realize there was a darker brown out. Could you please post pictures of any TRUFFLE bags that you might have? TIA
  2. Truffle is the lighter one and Cafe is the darker one ... I don't own either one but have seen them both IRL
  3. This is the Cafe from 2007.:p
    IMG_1988 (2).JPG
  4. Here are Dark Olive (marron ), Truffle and last Cafe
    Brown hobos.JPG P1040017.JPG
  5. This is my truffle Shoulder (I want to sell).

  6. Truffle is funny to me ... I was at Barney's today and they had 3 bags in Truffle and all three looked like completly different colors, one was veiny and looked a lot lighter and one was really smooth and almost looked like Cafe but it wasn't ... :shrugs:

    did you look at her second pic? I think Truffle looks closer to that, that first pic looks a little dark
  7. That is why I showed the pic of the inside because that is more the true color. The first pic I think has a little of a shadow. Sorry. Like someone said before I think all the colors vary a little.
  8. Here is my Truffle Twiggy. :heart:
    meandtruffrev.JPG metruffle2.JPG
  9. These aren't my bags, but I found this photo of a comparison between Truffle (on the left) and Marron....HTH!!! :yes:
  10. ^^ that is NM SF! How sad that I recognize the CABINETS...
  11. :roflmfao:
  12. bordeaux, pewter then truffle on top of the maron brown one.
  13. oops sorry so big
  14. yes, marron is darker than truffle, so Cafe is even darker right?