Please post pictures of your pale pink bags.

  1. I love the pale pink but I have never seen one in person. Can anyone who has them please post pics? I would love to see them in all different styles.
  2. I love my pale rose Day. She's my current bag.

  3. I am not sure which pink you mean, but here's my Bubblegum pink city. She's feeling a little shy, so she's partly hiding behind a scarf.

  4. [​IMG]pale rose shoulder!:love:
  5. Here's my Pale Rose Purse :yahoo: :

  6. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Everyone!!! I've never really been a fan of Pink (for anything, not just bags), but the more I see of everyone's fabulous pink BBags, the more I'm thinking I need one!!! LUUURRRRVVEE your Bubblegum City hippiechic!
  7. Wow, that is pretty. Where'd ya get it?

    The day is gorgeous too although I think that style is big for me. The leather looks beautiful. Seems shinier on the day than the purse. Wonder why it is so different?
  8. OMG...."1", your Purse is heavenly. I'm in love.
  9. Thank you fendi..... :love:

    and Allison..... :heart: - I bought this purse online by cult status ;) :yes: - the leather is matt and thick - I love it :tender:
  10. Firstclass1: Do you live in Australia? It looks new. Have you had it for a while? I think this was a spring 2006 color?
  11. Fendi, your Day is simply gorgeous! :yes:

    Chaus, such a cutie in the little shoulder style. :love:

    First, beautiful, absolutely beautiful pink purse. :heart:

    Here's my Pale Rose Box: :biggrin:

  12. I love pink:love: :love: :love:
    I have a calcaire is not pink but it has lovely pink undertones!
    Calcaire Box 003.jpg Calcaire Box 012.jpg
  13. RockSteady, what a gorgeous little bag. I think my Day and your Box have similar leathers.
    l_b, seeing your Box just makes me appreciate Calcaire even more. How subtle and beautiful.
  14. Everyone's bag looks so yummy!!!
  15. I love all of your pink bags! Firstclass, your pink is especially yummy looking - almost unlike any of the others. Did any of you treat your bags to prevent yellowing?