Please post pictures of your green bags here!

  1. In honor of St. Patrick's day (also my birthday, lol!).
    Here is mine, Sierra by Cole Haan in Jade:

  2. Pretty bag! Happy birthday too, neighbor. :yes:

    Green is my favorite color. I've been on the hunt for the perfect green bag for years! I'll have to post some more pics later.

    For now, here are two current favorites that I do NOT own, but would love to have in my posession!!! :love:

    YSL forest green Rive Gauche from F/W 06 (pic from Bluefly)


    Hermes Birkin (togo/vert fonce) that was on eBay a while ago

    YSL Rive Gauche forest green.jpg Hermes Birkin 35cm Vert Fonce Togo.jpg
  3. Fun! I love my green bag - MJ Venetia in Sap Green :love:
    MJ Venetia.jpg
  4. ^^^Gorgeous Venetia!
  5. ^Thanks!! :smile:
  6. i dont have a green bag?
    But today at NM I Just saw the cutest brightest green flap bag at chanel.
  7. My LV Baggy GM in lichen.
  8. Happy birthday! I wish I had a green bag. I LOVE the color green.
    Cosmo, that vert fonce Birkin is gorgeous!
    Balenciaga has some pretty greens too!

  9. I know, I know... I saved the Birkin pic to my hard drive so I can gaze upon it whenever I want! Someday, one of these will be mine. :graucho:
  10. Here is my green straw bag with bamboo handles
    and another one with green shades
  11. Cosmopolitan,
    your Rive Gauche is TDF!
  12. My only green bag, D&G small hobo:
    DSC_0049.JPG DSC_00102.JPG
  13. What a fun idea for a thread! :yes: Green's my favorite color too. I have four green bags and I'm eyeing two more. :push:

    Coach suede tote in a sagey-olive color, Pierotucci olive 35cm, Miky Nomade Grande, Cole Haan patent leather in a pretty kelly green. :wlae: The Cole Haan's the one I wore for St. Pat's last year.
    monkeyccoach.JPG monkeypiero.jpg miky.nomade.grande.JPG monkeycolehaan.JPG
  14. Happy Birthday novosibirsk:party: My green bags are both luellas. Oldies but goodies.
    Mint Anouk.jpg Studded Baby Giselle.jpg
  15. GG&L nylon bag, color called irish/bottle