please post pics!!!

  1. please post pics of yourself wearing the VENETIA.. i'm really considering buying it online and haven't seen it in person so i don't know exactly how it'll look on me.. im petite and worried that it will be too big and heavy.. any replies would be great :yes:
  2. ^ Yeah that ;) i'm about 5'3" w/o heels.

    i'm petite too, if you're in can swing by Rockefeller Center to see my maroon venetia :p
  3. OT:

    I'm so jealous that you live in NYC!! I am coming there for a few weeks in Mar/Apr. Do you have a favorite place to shop or eat that you'd reccomend? I love, love, LOVE New York!! :love:
  4. Here's a pic from another post earlier this week! Hope this helps!

  5. thank you for the pics and links!! :yes: now..just HEAVY is this bag? lol