Please post pics Vert Gazon!!!

  1. I originally asked for pics of cities in VG w/ rh, but I had no response. So everyone please post pics of VG w/ any hardware. How about VG work w/ rh? Or VG w/ GH. Please also show your lovely pics of you wearing this color. TIA!
  2. i have the ver gazon city with regular hardware and i love it. SOrry i don't have a pic right now i'll try to take one later and post
  3. here you go..... i love VG!!!

  4. My Vert Gazon Brief:yahoo:

  5. I just got my GH Vert Gazon City and I'm loving her more and more each day. :love:



  6. I would love to see this, please post pics when you get a chance!
  7. PT w/ RH and City with GH
    vert hanging.jpg duo.jpg

  8. Oh I love you! SHould I pick apple or VG? Help!

    Thanks for the great pics. YOu are so lovely.