Please post pics of your novacheck lola bag

  1. Hi! I was looking all over for a novacheck lola, i know they discontinued it and it won't be in the burberry site anymore. can you please post pics of your bags so that when i try to find one in eBay, i'll know what to look for (authentic markings and what not) thank you very much. looking forward to seeing your bags!
  2. I will post a pic of mine as soon as I get my camara working! Love this bag
  3. [​IMG]Old pic- hope it helps
  4. Thank you blew415! -sheila
  5. nice bag
  6. Thank you, i appreciate it. I'll try to win it!
  7. Did you win it on eBay or do you still want pics?
  8. Hi! No, I didn't, I was at work that day. Anyway, can you please tell me what to look for in an authentic purse? I know about the leather tag but what else? I think lv's are easier to authenticate than burberry's! hehe! Thanks in advance!- sheila
  9. thanks for the pics ladies!
  10. The item is relisted, I don't know why but I'll try to contact the seller. I