Please post pics of your MJ Boston sale bags!

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  1. At least that way I can live vicariously through you all!


  2. sure will! i CAN"T wait for my perfo white drawstring to come! definitely will be running to pf when the mailman comes! lol
  3. That bag sounds SO CUTE! I can't wait to see pics!
  4. Me too-can't afford a MJ bag right now even with this great sale-so, please everybody-post pics of your great deals when you get them!
  5. Ok here is the first one that came in, the rest will be coming tommorow and Thursday! I love this one so much. If you guys can I would highly recommend this denim line. The detailing is so beautiful!!

    Will post the others as they come in!
  6. selena, did they email u a customer agreement form? i am having difficulty receiving mine.. do u still have yours?
  7. Bluxcape-There is one on a previous Boston MJ thread..she attached the form ON the thread.
  8. LOVE the bag Selena..cant wait for the pink tote to come...oohh.gotta make sure PHH is working that day too......
  9. LOL I know! My hubby was home today and helped me open mine! LOL He told me I can keep three! YAHOOO!!!! He really is a doll! :smile: He calls them my "collection" so I guess that helps him understand. Either that or he is planning a big purchase on his "collection" (spiderman memorbilia!)
  10. Love it Selena! I can't wait to see the others you got!
  11. Love it Selena! Glad to hear that your hubby's okay with you keeping several, can't imagine you having to decide among the ones you ordered! Good luck. =)
  12. LOL I know i was shocked he was ok but I havent been buying that much lately so I guess he is rewarding me! At first I thought it was weird to have more then one denim but I have several monogram LVs and they are the same pattern! I love the denim so hopefuly they wont look to similiar.
  13. Perfect timing then. =) With the discount, buying multiples are justified. =) Crossing fingers for ours. =) I am interested in Dark Denim Satchel now after seeing our Dark Denim Multipocket....Better not call to see if it's still available. =)
  14. did you place an order? What are they sold out of in the denim do you know?
  15. Selena, what kind of mail carrier did MJ use? UPS FEDEX.....