Please post pics of Periwinkle GH City

  1. TIA. I would love to see pics.
  2. I don't have a picture, but I saw someone carrying one the other day and swivelled my head so fast I got whiplash, it was so fabulous! Much nicer than I expected for that combo. It was incredibly beautiful.
  3. perwinkle ? I didn't even know that they released a it a light pink ? Or is it just another name for Natural ?
  4. It's another name for bleu glacier, and I think it's TDF with GH!
  5. Here's one of a Work w/ GH

  6. this is perwinkle? I was thinkin it's somethin to do with pink looks like blue gracier too....:smile:
  7. Periwinkle = Bleu Glacier

    same thing
  8.'s the same term....i thought is different...hehehehe
  9. Wow, I love that with the giant GH hardware!
  10. Wow, until this moment I was NOT a fan of GH, but it looks divine with Periwinkle! Thanks for posting the pic!