Please post pics of Mulberry OLIVE leather color

  1. I found a beautiful dark green Mulberry Roxanne for about $500 at Neiman Marcus Last Call. But ever since I found a fake bag there (see my recent thread in the MJ forum) I've become super paranoid about bags I buy from even reputable stores.

    I'm not sure it's even officially "olive" because the original tag is missing, but it seems like that would be the official name because I don't believe Mulberry made any other greens apart from olive and apple.

    The hardware on the Roxanne looks genuine and the leather seems like the real thing but I am not sure about the color because I have no other olives to compare it with. I tried searching for photos of olive green Mulberry bags but could not find enough to be sure. I found one from NAP but it doesn't look quite like the same green shade that I have! Mine looks a bit darker and less brown/yellowish but it could be due to lighting or aging? I would really appreciate it if anyone who has pictures of an olive Mulberry could post them in this thread. Thanks!

  2. I just found this picture of a Mulberry Elgin in olive and it's closer to the color of my Roxanne. So now I feel somewhat reassured. Is this closer to the real olive color?
  3. :wtf: Fakes At Last Call???? I really am shocked to hear that because I have purchased at least 2 Mj bags there!! :wtf:
  4. The Roxanne in the first picture is Apple green. The second is the olive color. I have the apple Roxie and it has aged to a darker color more like the olive.
  5. Thanks for confirming the second bag as the correct olive color!

    Hmm, I think both pics are *supposed* to be olive because the referring pages called them both olive - but for some reason the first olive pic just looks slightly more yellow. I guess website colors are often a bit inaccurate (both of these are stock photos from NAP). I have a different bag in apple (I LOVE, LOVE this color) that was bought from a Mulberry boutique and it seems to be a much brighter and cool-toned shade, although it has also darkened a bit with age.
  6. Yes, you have apple.. I have the same bag.
  7. Neiman Marcus does NOT sell fakes. Your bag is quite beautiful and the price is great!!! Lucky you!!!
  8. Thanks!

    Re: the fake bag, it was definitely a fake because the real one was also there and I did a side by side comparison and several details were wrong. I'm sure Neiman Marcus was unaware of this though - someone probably bought a real MJ bag and switched it out with a fake when they returned it and the SA just didn't notice. Other TPFers have mentioned similar cases, so you should be careful when you buy bags even from the most reputable of shops. The thread is here if you're curious -