Please post pics of Cantaloupe and Sap Green MJ bags (any style):

  1. Thanks! I saw a woman with what I thought was a Sap Green bag...and it looked nice! But it' wasn't a mint - it wasn't a pea green either - a nice lighter green color

  2. Here is my large MP in sap green.
  3. dawn71675 I am DYING at your bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT!! sigh, :love: :heart:
  4. Another green color MJ comes in is Emerald.

  5. Here's my Cantaloupe small MP with the flash. It's a pretty good representation of its true color. A very peachy beige.
  6. mmmmm.... pretty colors! Maybe it was honeydew or seafoam? What style bag was it?
  7. Hey, that's great news, luvpurses24! I've got the same bag/same color...Cucumber goes great with practically're going to fall in love when you see it :heart: Enjoy!

    P.S. I adore Snoopy :rolleyes:
  8. Cheryl, oh wow, congrats! I've never seen cucumber before, def post some pics!!
  9. ^^Thanks ladies!! I'll post some pics for sure.

    And yes, Snoopy is my fave! I try to find an avatar pic for every holiday with Snoopy. LOL
  10. Cheryl, I love :heart: your small MP!! Never seen this color!! Where did you find it?!
  11. I got it at a Last Call in Austin. They have one at the Last Call in San Marcos, TX if you're interested. I was just there yesterday. In case you are, the number is 512-395-8810. It was priced at $537.
  12. Cherly, thanks for the info!! Love the bag & color!