Please Post Pics Of Any Thickskin Handbags

  1. If anyone here owns a Thickskin Rockstar, bucket, or VIP, can you please post a pic of it over your arm and the back, front, and side. The website posts 1 pic only. I am ordering the VIP in jungle, really want the Rockstar too, but I'd really like to see more pics. Thank you!!!
  2. sorry, i don't own one, but, i looked at the website and what a gorgeous bag! i think it's really edgy, fun and funky...are you purchasing or do you need to see pics before you decide?
  3. I strongly think I am going with the VIP, I already told Cordila the Rockstar and tiger pendant but now it is 2 hours later and told her I changed my mind and want the VIP, hey, I don't gte the money order until tomorrow morning, who knows what will be in my mind by then. LOL
  4. duranie70 -
    I asked ck21 about her VIP (she posted pics last year of this bag - shots of only the bag, not her w/the bag which is what you want) and she loved the bag, esp. the leather and mentioned that it was heavy with a beautiful lining (didn't mention suede) AND noted that the bottom of the bag is unstructured so it kinda topples over when you set it down.
    Hope this helps.
  5. Thanks dcblam- I'm getting it and will post pics. I like the thought that it is made to order and made here in the US. It will always be the bag that was made for me. ;) HAHAHA maybe I can ask her to sew in a heart like the bears they make at the Vermont Teddy Bear Company when you visit the factory store or build-a-bear.