Please post pics & info on Metallic Black flaps

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  1. I am getting obsessed with all of your beautiful metallic black flaps! Would love to know more about them.

    Please post PICS and info about your metallic blacks here (it would be nice to have them all in one thread)!

    Would :heart: love :heart: to know:

    :tup:Did the met black flaps come out as reissues only or also as hybrids
    :tup:What kind of chains and leathers did it come out in
    :tup:Can you wear them all messenger
    :tup:And in what year/s did it come out
    :tup:Style/color number if you know, and price if ya' don't mind
    :tup:Are they hard to find in stores now???

    Thank you!!!
  2. There are alot of threads on Metallic Black reissues, you can do a search on this forum or check out the reference library under flaps or black bags; some quick answers to your questions:

    MB flaps come out as reissues only
    gun-metal chain/distressed calfskin (a lot of pics in the reference library)
    depending on your height, maybe
    Came out in Fall 2007
    you can get style/color code/price in the ref. library
    should be all sold out since they are Fall 07 bags
  3. thank you! sorry, i didn't realize there was a thread just for MBs. i have been through the flap post and looked in the reference library. anyway, thanks for your answers, very helpful! ps i think i saw one in store yesterday, and was trying to make sure!
  4. Hi no problem, someone just posted a thread on purchasing a MB reissue in gold hardware recently in Paris.
  5. It's funny 'cause in the flap post some of the MB chains seem silver and some seem darker- the "gunmetal". I like both! Prob. the lighting. Thanks again! :smile:
  6. The Metallic Black reissue that came out before (not the new one being re-released) had darker, aged ruthenium h/w as far as I know, whereas the new metallic black reissues come with a gold chain (another pfer just posted hers), and I believe the silver chain will be shiny this time around, not distressed. :heart: You can wear all of the reissues medssenger stle, by pulling the chain through on one side, if that makes sense. ;) Here is a pic of my Metallic Black 226 reissue with the more "antiqued" chain (which I actually prefer). :love:

    MB 226 reissue
  7. Forgot to say, the flap was $2395 + tax at the time (the price has increased now). The info on the box reads as follows:

    NOIR (45)

    Chanel has done away with using "226," etc. in the style number, so the new ones would be more useful in helping you track one down if you want it (there's a thread that mentions them)! ;) :heart: HTH a bit! :tup:
  8. Minal, Great info and what a beautiful bag!!! :tup:

    :confused1: Does anyone recognize this style number as a MB reissue? A35656? I can't seem to find it anywhere in the forum. Sorry for all the questions. I'm learning a lot! :yes:
  9. :love::love::love:
  10. Previously, I thought the metallic black flap was only in the reissue, but I did see a jumbo flap today in a similar metallic black lambskin material. It had the mlle lock and classic chain (not the hybrid chain or reissue chain). The bag was at the NM in Atlanta. :tup:

  11. Oh! Thanks! So would that chain be distressed or a lighter silver? With leather interwoven? This is all so interesting but confusing, lol! :p
  12. Yes it was the classic chain with the leather interwoven. I believe the hardware was more of a distressed silver.
  13. ^ That bag is the "hybrid" flap... it has a shiny look to the leather, but isn't metallic, and you're right, it has the "old" chain and MM lock. ;) :heart: To add to the confusion, there are also "hybrid" flaps that have the MM lock and reissue type chains, but are not reissues. :p

    Just for reference (so you all don't think I'm crazy hehe), here is mine (some pfers also call it the Rachel Bilson flap haha, because she was seen with it). :p The flap below also came in a dark red, black, brown, and the off white I have.


    abitobling - I'm glad the info was helpful! :flowers: If you want, check out the Reference Library for some style numbers, clearer pics... it's a very helpful resource! :tup: :heart:
  14. The metallic black is getting reissued again this season with both silver and gold chains, I heard! How exciting is that??? :biggrin:
  15. Wow! You have some great bags!!! :love:

    My sleuthing (and all the help here!) is paying off: I think the one I saw was the hybrid. --- The SA called the leather MB and it looked like all the pics.

    It was "washed" calfskin, and had distressed looking hardware similar to the pics. But the style number seems to resemble that of the hybrids.

    I didn't notice the exact kind of chain, but it definitely did not have leather interwoven.