Please post modelling pics of you Cole-Haan Convertible Paige (or, now, Aerin) Tote!

  1. Thanks. I'd love to see some photos of tPF'ers wearing these in real life. Trying to decide between this, the Botkier Sasha Duffle, or the HH Sonia.
  2. Bumpity bump.
  3. Doesn't anyone own this purse? :smile: I saw a woman wearing it today during the morning commute in Chicago. It was black patent and looked cute. Would love to see some modelling pics.
  4. I've seen this bag in real life and have even been tempted to purchase it when it was on sale at bloomingdales last month, but resisted. I bought WAY too many bags for myself in 2007!

    It seems as though you have had your eye on it for a while. What is holding you back from getting it?
  5. I have it in Putty.

    It is a gorgeous bag. If you can get it at a great price, don't hesitate!
  6. I don't want to buy until I get a better sense of it IRL. Luvinmybags, can you post or pm a pic? Thanks for your consideration.
  7. I am soooooo not a model, but I will try to take some pics tomorrow. Do you have any questions about the bag that I can answer?
  8. Finally did it-- I just bought it in raisin (appears as a deep rich brown, with aubergine overtones) for $300 using best offer on eBay after seeing it at Bloomies this evening for $450.

    The raisin/brown just seemed more special than the same one in black; that's what motivated me.

  9. Congrats!! So sorry I didn't get you modeling pics, but you will love it! Its a chic, well made bag. Good choice on the color! Let us know when you get it!!!
  10. Okay, now since you've bought the handbag you must provide pictures (pretty please) so I can see it IRL. I'm planning to order for work/travel to function as a handbag/laptop bag.
  11. bump, bump, bump....
  12. I would also love to see modelling pictures of this bag...I've been thinking of getting it in either raisin or black.
  13. i have been thinking of getting this bag -
  14. I was at the Cole Haan outlet store in Woodbury searching for an Aerin tote. I found it - the price was right at $300. Somehow it just wasn't what I wanted. The leather is not "Cole Haan" leather and the bag was really large and bulky. No smooshiness whatsoever.
  15. I am just loving this bag more and more. When I cinch the belt as tight as it will go, and as the leather has softened, I think it looks just as chic as a Belen Echandia or Botkier Sasha. I will try to post pics soon.