Please post modeling pics of Mahina XS and Taupe

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  1. I am interested in the Mahina line, and thinking perhaps the XS is the solution to my need for a shoulder AND cross-body bag from LV. Does anyone know if this bag is available in colors other than noir in the U.S.? I am particularly interested in the taupe color. I know in the past there were some metallics, and I do not want metallic, but I would like something neutral...light enough for summer but not so light that I can't wear it year round. I would love to see some modeling pics of the XS and the L. The mahina thread in the clubhouse is a bit difficult to navigate in looking for XS pictures.

    I know the L is available in taupe but it is sold out online. Perhaps I can find it at a boutique, but I had a potential exchange of my Artsy MM and I am not sure how that works when it came from and the exchange would have to come from a boutique.

    If anyone has modeling pics of the XS or any pics of the taupe, I would love to see them!
  2. I posted modeling pics of XS in biscuit on p.60 in the clubhouse. Would re-post, but we had to get a new computer and I still haven't figured out how to do it.
  3. Please check and post in the Clubhouse. Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.