Please Post Hermes sales date and location here!

  1. I heard there is one at SCP on Feb. 10th.

    Let the shopping begin :yahoo:
  2. Chicago January 18th
  3. Anyone know the dates for the one in SF? :graucho::nuts:
  4. Is it going to be a sale in Las Vegas? I'm going to go to Vegas next month, hopefully it will be the right timing.:confused1:
  5. How about Beverly Hills? I heard something about an upcoming sale.
  6. what exactly goes on sale at these sales? and do i need an invite from an SA to presale? anyone know when houston's is?
  7. Paris Monday 15th salle Gaveau
  8. Pre-Sales at SCP Jan 15, 2007.
  9. Anyone know about the South Florida boutiques?

  10. If you are a customer, an invitation is usually sent to you indicating the dates of the sale. As far as presale, your SA will usually approach you regarding making an appointment for presale. Usually RTW items from previous seasons, shoes, hats, and gloves go on sale.
  11. Does anyone know when the sale is at the NYC location? I'm looking for a men's wallet...if anyone knows of one or has one they'd like to sell please let me know
  12. Forgot to mention the sale at SCP starts today, Jan 18 thru Sunday, Jan 21.
  13. Speaking of invites, I found that I got two from the same store the other day. Apparently, they had my lastname spelled wrong so I'm in the Hermes system twice ... :roflmfao:
  14. Any updates on SF? Did I completely miss it?? *Sob*
  15. I'm in NYC but for some reason get the London Financial Times newspaper. Never really read it except for this useful piece of info: Hermes Sale for Womens and Mens RTW and Shoes 1/24/07-1/27/07 from 10AM-7PM at the Music Room, 26 South Molton Lane, London W1

    Hopefully someone in London will see a notice for the NYC sale