Please post Fendi Spy Authenticate tips please!


Apr 17, 2008
Need to know how to spot it.
Especially How to read a manufacture code(The code that imprint on leather strip in the bag) and the code under the hologram.Does it mean any thing?

Thank in advance. Look forward to all the answers:heart::heart:


May 23, 2008
The United State of America
It is my personal opinion that this should not be discussed explicitly on a public forum. You would only be able to recognize the code if you know the Sku# for that particular bag. It is my understanding that one can usually identify the size, color, and the material of the bag, using this code. It is all pretty common these days that some of the fake goods have imitation serial # and hologram sticker. Older models don't have hologram sticker that can help you identify its authenticity.

I think the best way to authenticate designer goods is by looking at the stitching, quality of leather, and the item's overall appearance. For example, a $1000 bag would most certainly not have any imperfection unless it's defective or physically damaged. It'd definitely help if you have seen the same bag (or at least another item by the same designer).

One good solution for saving you a headache is to buy all your Fendi items at an authorized wholesalers (Neiman's, Bergdorf, Saks, Bloomingdale's), reputable online retailers (Net-a-porter, eluxury,etc), or better yet, a Fendi boutique.


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Most ppl who do authentication advocate not disclosing it on a forum like this because it makes it easier for unscrupulous fakers to better their products. Certainly, if you wish to inquire about a specific item, do post it in the Authenticate Thread.