Please Plisse Me!

  1. I love pleated/plisse scarves because they are so much fun to work with. Every time you tie them, they look different:flowers:

    Black/white/ red is Flamenco

    L'Hiver by Ledoux is the horseback riders


    Tohu Bohu

    bolduc%20(2)MA12104141-0001.JPG Flamenco1%20(2)MA12104141-0002.JPG l'hiver%20by%20ledouxMA12104141-0003.jpg scotland%20(2)MA12104141-0004.jpg scotland%202%20(2)MA12104141-0005.jpg tohu%20bohu%20(2)MA12104141-0006.jpg
  2. Those are gorgeous, GK! Their scarves are just works of art, aren't they?
  3. Ahhh, Bolduc and Tohu Bohu! They are all gorgeous but my heart jumps when I see those two designs!
  4. Beautiful!!
  5. Oh I love Plisses too! Your's are gorgeous GraceKelly! I just sent off Les Poivines to be plissed.....bought it flat but then realized I'd wear it more if it were plissed......

    I'm so excited to see all your treasures!!!! Keep 'em coming, GraceKelly! I'm very comfy down here on the floor!!!!
  6. Wow they are so pretty. I'm hoping to get one for Christmas. :tender:
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