Please, please tell me that the world has not gone Completely Mad.....

  1. Hi All,

    Havent been in for a while - been frantic! But I simply had to pop in and say something as this is really bugging me.....

    I am appalled - nay - deeply worried about the sanity of mankind...

    I watched the news last night and saw with horror the hysterical reaction to this new Top Shop line that Kate Moss has endorsed.....

    Has the world gone completely stark raving mad????

    Can someone please tell me what all the fuss is about??

    She didnt even design them for goodness sake - they are 'based on her lifestyle'....... She just got paid squillions to put her name to them..

    I worry deeply about the desire of people to live like her.... Forgive me for being blunt - but do we all want that kind of life??

    Please assure me that there is some sanity still left in this world - and that we are all, deep down, individuals - as opposed to a nation of brain-dead sheep - mindlessly following on to the next person because we are incapable of thinking for ourselves....

    I look at that dreaded auction site (which I never now use..) as a matter of interest and to my deep depression, I saw hundreds of these 'designs' (and I use that word loosely folks), already on sale and reaching up to five times what they cost at Top Shop....

    There is obviously no hope for us if we are so easily duped and taken in like this....

    Top Shop must be stuffing handkershiefs in their mouths to stop the manical laughter all the way to the bank - Kate Moss must be feeling pretty chuffed by the millions she has been paid for no apparent effort - and the profiteers on eBay must be rubbing their hands together in glee....

    Please assure me that there are still some sane people out there with brains...

    OK - Off my soap box now, Im going to lie down in a darkened room to get over this horror...:cursing:
  2. lol, i thought the same thing. i dont get the whole kate moss obsession thing. plus shes a drug addict so why would girls want to look like that
  3. I know exactly what you mean! I am personally not buying anything from this line, I have my own style and don't want to walk around looking like a Kate Moss clone, and people who are buying this stuff on eBay are stupid, Topshop have said they will be replenishing their stock soon, people are paying big money, just so they can be "seen" in it first, its sad and bored of it all ready
  4. Yes it´s a weird phenomenon; celebrity´s name somewhere and it sells like crazy. I would certainly buy something from the collection if I liked it but not because it says Kate Moss on it. Plus I wouldn´t wait in line for the store to open or pay triple the price on eBay. Each according to their own though!
  5. long as you have deeper values beyond "getting smg from Miss Moss each their own.
  6. ...well, there are people who want to smell like Paris Hilton....
  7. I think merika has answered your question as gently and succinctly as it is possible to do.
  8. :p LOL Shimma - you are right - very gently indeed!
  9. I will agree with you that the craze is totally over the top but then it is also about the fun of it. and it can be fun to do this kind of shopping event with a friend, you know? having said that, I have returned/sold most of the celebrity-designed items I ever bought, including designers for H&M bec they don't hold up and are just overpriced. since then I am cured....haha.

    as for kate moss - she is so over for me that I don't even understand that how to follow her style anymore. as for sheep-following: I reckon if we like fashion there is always some kind of 'following' something and there is nothing wrong with it, if it isn't the only thing in our lives, kwim??? but i will admit that I like buying magazines and some items that reflect that is 'in' right now, if it suits my style. i just don't get the whole 'getting a new wardrobe each season' but hey if it is makes you happy... why not? now if you step over dead bodies to do these things....
  10. Many people feel that way when they see others walking around with a expensive designer bag. To each its own.....Being famous sells, but it is the younger girls who look up to the ones in the magazines. Some people feel they will fit in and be accepted if they buy the "in" clothes, ect..... It's sad but I am happy to be wise enough (old enough) to just laugh at it all. I don't know what the fuss is all about. Kate Moss is not a role model except for a druggie.......but the people are buying her stuff. I also though Madonna's clothing line was a joke too... It will be interesting to see how long they will be around.
  11. I feel so much the same! I think it's a shame that a woman who openely uses drugs and enjoys drunk parties with her addicted boyfriend (don't forget she is a mother!) should be sort of a role model for young girls! I think our society should really be ashamed of that! It's horrible- the more drugs she uses the more she seems to be popular in fasion circles! Where the world is going?
    Plus I have never really understood this fuss about Kate's beauty or her style. I see neither style nor beauty there. I know it's sounds rude, but this is my opinion.
  12. If it makes you feel any better, here's one girl (waves hand) that doesn't get that caught up in any materialistic 'WHOOP-LAH!'

    I like it...but it doesn't define me.

    So...there's one accounted for out of....'squillions'. :smile:

    Feeling better? (wink)
  13. YAY -

    Thank you all so much - my faith is totally restored in the human race - mind you, it goes without saying that I was going to get some sanity and sense in 'The Purse'

    I can now come out of my darkened room and feel better..
  14. That's the beauty of free will. You could choose to wait in line for a really long time to buy items not even designed by someone who reminds me of one of those prostitutes that infected James Joyce with syphilis or you could choose not to.

    I choose not.
  15. Kate who?... lol, that's about as much as I care!