Please please someone answer this for me!!

  1. I need help with a question regarding unavailability. Can someone PLEASE tell me when the stores get in a new color line i.e. pomme d'amour, and they only get 2 in, in a certain bag, wallet, etc., does that mean that's it? No more to come. Or, since it's a new color, they will get more in at some point. I tried to get an answer with different stores with no help whatsoever. I can't really swing the wallet at this point (probably not for another month or so) and I'm in panic mode. My store said they only have 2 and if it's like the pink color, they were sold out immediately. So is it panic time????:shame:
  2. The color is here to stay until it will be discontinued (like vernis indigo etc.), according to the hotline here. So you can order one over the phone or at the boutique, the color's not limited. :yes:
  3. ^^^yep, initial supplie are often limited, but will continue to come in. No need to panic.
  4. Here is what I copy from a memeber stefania's post:

    Louis vuitton 2007 look book.

    Vernis Launches: Pomme d'Amour and Valentines Package

    Launch Date: Jan 1st, 2007
    Advertising: Valentine's Day Mailer
    Launch Plan: Pomme d'Amour is a 6 month program in all store, Valentine items are one-shot, all store and sould sell through by March.

    Hope this answer your question...:idea:
  5. 6 month program?? thats not a very long time...
  6. No need to panic - if your store doesn't have it - they can order it from another store and let you know when it comes in. I did that recently with my new Birth of Modern Luxury book. I love the color of the new Vernis!
  7. talk about wanting what you can't have/get the most

    good luck...i'm sure you will track it down and kill SAs to get to it