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  1. I am very close to tears at the moment.

    I bought a Red Caviar Classic Flap (Medium) from ebay recently eBay: Auth CHANEL red classic medium caviar new, silver chain (item 230029414018 end time Sep-17-06 02:26:38 PDT) and took pictures and posted it on the "Authenticate This" thread. The lovely girls have all said it was good and authentic BUT...

    There seems to be a problem with the YKK zipper (and hence THIS post). Apparently Chanel Classic Flaps use lampo, and they have never used YKK. There are also some issues with the labelling on the box. Here is what ranag from the ebay help forums had to say:

    eBay Forums: YKK or LAMPO Zippers on CHANEL Classic ...

    And to summarise what he wrote:

    "No YKK zippers. Some bags can have Lampo. Many zippers are unmarked or marked "Chanel".

    The bag you bought is a counterfeit [​IMG] The Chanel boutique tag that came with the bag is fake. It states the collection number as V03 - there is no such thing. The V designation is only used for 00V which is continuous line. Also, the 03 would be the year the bag was made - which does not match the hologram. The hologram is that of a 2006 bag. The outer CC hardware is marked on the right C - it should either be marked on the left C or both CC's should be completely unmarked. Finally, the labeling on the box is incorrect."


    "It looks like your seller took an authentic box and cut the labeling off - you can see where the labeling was cut or torn off around the edges. The picture below is what the full labeling should look like. The labeling would have told you the collection number and had a barcode that would have matched the hologram in the bag. Since the bag is counterfeit, they obviously cut-off the box labeling because it never would have matched."

    I am waiting to hear back from but here are the pictures I sent them. I am so so so sad and if this is indeed counterfeit, it is a very good one :sad:

    I feel even stupider for thinking that it was authentic for a few days and i was really happy with it as it was my birthday present to myself.

    I paid through paypal, but don't think I can go that avenue seeing as they have less than 98% feedback, will a credit card do a chargeback?

    I was prepared to lose this amount as this is the risk you take, but i never thought the heartbreak would be this painful :sad:
    01-front.jpg 02-close_up.jpg 03-back.jpg 04-box-side.jpg 05-authenticity_card.jpg
  2. and more pics:
    06-matching_serial.jpg 07-inside_stitch_emboss.jpg 08-made_in_france_embosseds.jpg 09-chanel_paris_hardware.jpg 10-flap1.jpg
  3. and lastly the infamous YKK stamped zipper :sad:
    13-ykkstampedzipper.jpg cc-naturallight.jpg
  4. That bag is so pretty , I cannot believe it is fake ! The tags do look a little weird ... but the bag doesn't look fake AT ALL !

    I would give that seller an earful ! Is there a money back guarantee on authenticity ? Someone has to have better than 98% feedback to get a refund ? I've never heard that .

    Mine is 2006 ( about a month and a half old ) and it starts w/ an 11 .
  5. i know that is the weird thing, i have NOT seen a fake this good in the caviar. the seller did have some questionable items but they have purchased authentic goods too.

    she does have a money back guarantee, but would you really trust a seller to give you your money back? chances are you'll end up without a bag, without the money, and a deregistered user :sad:

    i feel so sick in the stomach, but so confused at the same time.

    i am so sad. my boyfriend helped me buy it too. what time is it in america? i can't wait till people wake up and give me their opinions. oh my god i am shivering :sad:
  6. ask to see her credit card bill , since I'm assuming she didn't give you the reciept .

    Also if you ask what boutique she bought it at the transaction should be on file at the store still if it's only a year old . They look up stuff I bought at Saks all the time when I lose my reciept .
  7. Wow the bag looks good to me, if it is a fake it is a darn good one. The zipper does indeed male me question the authenticity, but if the zipper was right you would have never thought it to be fake. Oh gosh ebay is getting scarier! I will keep my fingers crossed.
  8. sent it certified . she can't get out of it that way . If she still tries stiffing you call the local police where she lives . I remember you paid a lot for that bag , it would be a felony for her to try to scam you out od that much .
  9. yep she said she bought it from the NY boutique i will try to give them a call.
  10. How did you pay for the bag? If you paid with credit card via PayPal you will be covered. You file a dispute with PayPal. If that does not work then you go straight to your credit card company.

    How close if your nearest Chanel boutique? I would bring it into Chanel and have them look at the bag for you.

    As helpful as pictures can be, it's not the same as having the actual bag in front of you.
  11. yep i paid via credit card on paypal. i just don't think it will work as she has less than 50 feedbacks and less than 98% rating. so should i file straight away girls? this is definitely fake?

    OH DEAR what a nightmare.

    smooth i heard chanel don't do authentications, and i don't know if i can handle them telling me to my face the bag is a fake :sad:
  12. ^ I also want you to know those people on ebay are NOT always right . For instance , I was going to sell some of my 7 jeans that I never wear anymore , so I read one of tutorials on fake 7's . That way I would know what to picture to prove mine were real .

    Well the one said if it didn't have a care tag and something else it was fake . I was taking pics of my jeans and when I got to the last pair , they were a little different , according to the tutorial they were fake . Not ! They were old 7's , first year they became at all popular . I bought them at Nordstroms ...they were not fake .

    And like I said before mine is an 11 from this year . I have a 2004 that starts w/ a 9 , both bought at SFA . That would make yours , a 10 ... a 2005 . Which is what she said !
  13. argh!!! this is so confusing!!!

    i really appreciate all the moral support girls, and i really wish this will have a happy ending. i dont think i will file yet, i will wait for the seller to explain the inconsistencies with the box.

    but it looks to me like it might possibly be the highest grade fake i have ever seen.
  14. I asked my SA about this and he said THEY can't do them . Of course , he said , they'll give you their opinion but for legal reasons cannot put it in writing .

    BUT , he said if you pay shipping and handling they can ship it to Chanel headquarters who WILL AUTHENTICATE IT IN WRITING . And yes , they give it back if it's fake .

    He said the only problem w/ this is that it takes about two weeks and most sellers give you a week to prove authenticity .
  15. To me your bag looks authentic. I'm looking at just the bag alone. Not the box, not the tags, etc.

    I no longer have my offwhite caviar classic jumbo. Luccibag now owns it. Maybe she can look at it and tell you whether the zipper is a Lampo or a YKK zipper.

    Also Lulilu and MNSHOPGIRL have large jumbo caviar bags and they can look at their bags as well.

    I will go look at all of my Chanels now.