Please, Please, Please, Any Saks Codes?????

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  1. I am dying :drool::drool::drool: for these chloe and dior shoes:graucho::graucho: that ARE NOT ON SALE (:cursing::cursing:) and would really love :heart:sometime of discount code other than shipping . Any help would be great . Thanks
  2. I sent you a 10% code by private message that expires today. If you are not going to use it, please post for someone else to use. Hope this helps!
  3. I also have a 10% one that expires today. If somebody wants it, just PM me.
    on orders of $150 or more with promotional code: SUMMER at checkout.
  5. I just realized today that you can't use a 10% off code with a free shipping code. Well, not online anyway. I did get both last time I called it in. Bummer...
  6. Thanks so much HONEYBFLY ,I am trying to use the code but it is not giving me the discount, do you know if I have to re-register with a different e-mail address to use it?????? thanks again
  7. I just used it and I didnt register. If I call them and ask for free shipping will they give it to me? I tried to get it with the online chat but they said I couldnt use 2 promotions at once.
  8. I think it's hit or miss depending on the customer service rep you get. I guess officially, you're not suppose to get two promo codes. Oh, btw, my 10% off code has already been claimed by someone.
  9. Its sure is...I tried the online chat again and got someone else to do it! LOL