Please Please I need help with a problem!!

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  1. I'm bidding on this item and everybody is telling me the seller is legit and I think so because she does have good feedbacks. However, I found the bag, as shown in photo#7, has some marks on the green grass near the mushroom.

    I looked at other websites including;jsessionid=XFW3BWHJUDQNOCRBXUCFAFIKEG4RAUPU?buy=0&langue=en_US

    and the same product just sold by Let-Trade on ebay

    They both showed the real ones shouldn't have any marks on the grass.

    Now, I asked the seller 2 questions.
    1. There seems to be dirt on the side of the bag in photo#4 and I asked for clear pictures.
    2. Later I asked about the marks on the grass after I did my research.
    Here's her answer:
    "the photos 4 is no dirty marks, it is a camea shot caused it, I hold the camera is not stable and caused it. Please dont worried, If I find any dirty, I must description in the auction. I am trust and reliable seller, I not tell lie"

    She refused to provide more photos, fine. But she didn't comment on the marks on the grass.

    So what do you think? What should I do now? I don't want to pay for the bag if I have doubts. :sad: It could be dirt/damage, it could be fake. I just don't know what am I suppose to do now. I don't even know what's that mark. Help please!!

    Thanks a lot!
  2. if she's not going to take more pictures, then pass up the should not buy something - regardless of price - if you are not 100% satisfied.
  3. When in doubt...skip it. If she wont send more pics that sounds fishy!!

    Those marks do not look like they are caused by a camera in my opinion.
    Let us know how it turns out.

  4. Did she actually say to you that she would not provide more photos or were you just presuming that those are the last pictures she'll be sending?
  5. Be persistent. This is your money that's at stake here. If she point blank refuses to send more pics, then that's not a person with whom you want to do business anyway. A seller who has nothing to hide would be more than willing to send as many pics as you request, within reason, since these pics could be the determining factor in whether or not you purchase the bag and whether or not she makes a profit.

    If you have ANNNNNY doubts, then your gut is telling you to stay away. Trust it and it won't let you down in the long run.
  6. Thank you so much ladies! I emailed the seller one more time this morning (I feel like a big pain in the b**t) and she did email me another picture, not the sides of the bag, but about the green grass. Apparently those were some brown paper she forgot to clean up before taking the pictures!!! So I didn't know how the sides look but at least the front seems ok. :biggrin:
  7. Well I can tell you that the bag is authentic but if you feel so uncomfortable you should pass. Eva is in HK so she runs on a different clock and might not have gotten back to you because she was asleep maybe? V
  8. Thanks Jewelbear! I might be paranoid but this is my first purchase for a bag on ebay. I had only purchased some minor stuff only. I'm afraid I'm going get hooked! :biggrin: