Please Please Help!

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  1. Where can I find this bag? Whats the name? And does anyone know how much they are? Does anyone have one? Help would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. That looks like the Chanel Cerf Tote.:yes:
  3. Thank you so much for your quick reply! Is it still around for me to purchase? If so, whats the price? Im new to Chanel bags, so Im not aware of the prices and seasons yet-
  4. I am sure you can find it somewhere. Call around to the Chanel Boutiques first and then the dept. stores. I don't know the price, don't own this bag. I am sure one of the other pfers will be along shortly to give you some info on the bag. I know that Roey has one and I think a couple of others own the cerf tote.
  5. Hi. I believe I saw a cerf tote in black at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC on Sunday.
  6. Hey....I have that bag!!!! I LOVE it!!!!
  7. if its what i think it is (its leather, right?) the little beauty is currently at Chanel on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, FL. Also comes in tan and pink...............
    i think they had it in black. If they didnt it can be had.. Its classic and timeless, plain except for the CC in the front (in hardware). Its one of the most beautiful (and simple) Chanels I have ever seen..........i cannot remember its name but i know the girls will be able to tell you! I would have bought it long ago but didnt have the money to then.
    (don't have it now either, but attitude has become much more "devil may care lol)

    PS yes! it is the Cerf!
  8. it's the CC cerf tote (cerf = deer in French) in deerskin, it comes in beige, black or darkbrown. it also comes in the CC turnlock (like the pic posted) or mademoiselle turnlock (rectangular)-which is more discreetly Chanel.
    there are 2 or 3 in my Chanel Boutique in Houston
  9. thank you for all your help! does anyone know the price?
  10. ^You are always in fashion!!

    Yes, get the bag looks cute in action.

  11. isn't it $1850 ? I think it is