Please! Please! Help!!

  1. Ladies. Im dying here. Here's the quick story behind my madness: My boyfriend bought me (my first) Balenciaga this Christmas, and I settled on a 2007 Noir (back) City with the giant hardware. I loved it, but it was so heavy! Not to mention I had a hard time finding things to go with it because of the gold. So, needless to say, I returned the bag and have ordered in a reg. hardware black city. Doesnt sound so painful does it? WELL- here's the deal. I first fell in love with Balenciaga when I saw a seafoam first (THANK YOU Ashley Olsen). (I believe in getting the bag you really want-esp for the money you spend on one!) But really- I wanted to die! Its beautiful! But of course, they're nearly impossible to find. Not to mention in a city, and one that has been taken care of. The problem is, NOTHING stands out to me in the collections I see. So what should I do? Stick with a black (which my bf would want me to get bc its "practical" and risk him getting upset (he's already not to happy with me switching my mind bc it took me forever to figure out the first bag I got) or try to find a seafoam that someone is selling? Girls. I just dont know what to do. PLEASE HELP!!
  2. Is the seafoam on eBay from an authentic seller or hopefully a member of tPF?? You're always going to want that seafoam --always! If it looks good - get it! They sell black bags every season. Your BF shouldn't care as long as you are really happy!!! tell us what you decide.
  3. AW! Thanks! I'll make sure to let everyone know. It's just so hard to decide!
  4. I say start with the balck, everyone should have a black bbag! Then save your money and watch for a seafoam. Good things come to those who wait.....
  5. I say stay with the black too. But one of the newer colors really looks a lot like seafoam. Someone here has one (of course LOL)
  6. I don't know if I would stay with the black if it isn't something you'll love carrying. A good point was raised that the new '07 Vert d'eau is similar to seafoam, so you might want to think about that color as an alternative.
  7. ^^ wow, whatta great idea chuggie!!! :nuts:
  8. if you'll use the black, then keep it, but keep your eye on this forum (and eBay in general) for seafoam bags. i'm seeing a lot of seafoam on eBay lately. and as others have said, the lately season's vert d'eau looks a lot like seafoam.

    it all comes down to whether you'll use the black bag and save for the seafoam, or whether you'd rather wait for that seafoam to find you.
  9. You have a sweet BF! The black is very practical and goes with absoultely everything but then again seafoam is your DREAM bag both are amazing bags. Go with your gut instinct.
  10. i always wanted a black work b bag, but always get tempted by more colourful b bags too....
    and for now, my choice always goes to coloured b bags as i can get a black anytime and in any brand. there's more gorgeous black bags out there athan rare colourful b bags.

    maybe u could discussed it to ur bf first before making any decisions :yes:
    i think he'll understand if u want to get in another colour.
    and as stated above, there's a gorgeous seafoam city from PFers burokogepanda on ebay :smile:
  11. I reckon colourful bags rock. Show em off!

    I'm thinking of buying a vert d'eau first with standard hardware from BalNY. I've emailed Kim about the colour, with two pics (from the pf) attached. I'll let you know her response if you like... just in case (like me), you've never seen it IRL and want to know exactly what colour you'll be getting. I kind of like the idea of buying the bag new, cause then I can treat it with kid gloves from day one.

    Having said that, my dream bag is a yellow first, and until they come out with a new yellow, I am going to watch ebay and then go balistic the next time a marigold, anis or yellow comes up!