Please, PLEASE help with sizing of betty!

  1. Hi all,
    As some of you may be aware, I have been desperately trying to track down a much lusted after betty in black patent.
    I have managed to locate a small but I am really confused as to the sizing as on some websites the 'small' is actually a medium. The shop I found this in says it only came in last week and apparantley there are no mediums anymore, just small or large.
    I dont want my betty to be too small and I fear the size small will be. The approx measurements I have been given are 11" width and 7.5" height for the small and 15" width and 9" height for the large.
    Do these measurements sound correct? the small seems to be a bit too compact?
    If anyone has a piccie carrying the small then PLEASE can you post it? thanks a million in advance! :heart:
  2. If you are looking for the large betty in black patent, NM in Troy, MI had one a little while ago. Call Lisa Hamlin (248) 635-8442, she will definitely be able to help you, especially with dimensions. She really is knowledgeable about Chloe!!! Good luck!!!
  3. Thanks jag. Sadly, I am in the U.K. :crybaby:
    I have searched so long and patiently for this bag and I am now unsure wether to compromise on the size just to have the sheer beauty of the bag. It is the black patent that I am after. No other colour calls me as much as this baby! :love:
  4. I have a medium betty and it's definitely taller than the small.

    13 x 9 x 6 Handles are 8 .. this is all in inches.
  5. Gosh, the medium does seem bigger. I have ordered the small today as I decided that I would rather have the smaller size than not at all. Heres hoping that I actually like it when it arrives......:s
  6. awww I saw a black patent small Betty in a 2nd hand shop in Knightsbridge but that was weeks ago...if only I had know you were looking for one
  7. Dammit! :nuts: I cant believe that I have searched high and low for this bag and then it turns up in a second hand shop! Mine will certainly not be heading the same way! :P