Please please help,urgent, raisin city

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  1. I got a raisin city from I ordered from them because they are on the reputable seller's list on the shopping forum. However, I received it today, and really don't have a good feeling of it, it has the leather smell, and looks cheap, unlike the officier I got from the u.s website. Did anyone had experience with this seller, or am I just robbed? So sad now!!
  2. please post pictures in the authenticate this bal forum. . .
  3. I am at work, maybe can use my phone,hope
    the picuture is good enough. Meanwhile, anyone know about them?
  4. google : raffaello purseforum

    many threads come up
  5. I did google as you suggested, but see nothing useful. I check the bag again, seems all the details are fine, but I really need some expert to confirm it for me!
  6. your best bet will be to post pictures in the authenticate this bal thread. :yes:
  7. Update: good news, i compared the bag I received and the one I ordered from the official website, every detail is the same, even the dust bags are from the same material. Both bags are 2009 colors, everthing matches, I am now convienced that they do sell authentic Bbags.:yahoo:
  8. That's good. Feel happy for you. It does have leather smell.

    Nice bag, isn't it? I love it although it's heavy to me (i.e. Mine is a raisin GSH City.). :woohoo:
  9. thanks dear! I love the color, I bought it becuase it was on sale. My #1 choice would be a GSH part-time in this color, but hard to find. I am very relief that it is indeed an authentic one.:biggrin:
  10. Great news! I am glad your mind is at ease. Now go and enjoy your bag! :yahoo: