Please please help! Sizing on espadrilles

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  1. Hi all, I just purchased a size 37 Tweed espadrilles which fits quite snug when trying at store. I have also tried the 38 which was way too loose, so I decided to go with 37. But when I tried again at home, it was super duper tight, may I know how much would it stretch out for the Tweed espadrilles? this is my first espadrilles, should I return it? Thank you in advance!! :sad:
  2. I had my SA stretch all my espadrilles and now they fit perfect. I hate breaking in shoes and always ask for them to be stretched prior to taking home. Maybe you can take to a cobbler to stretch? Or even put on thick socks and walk around in the house for a few hours. I have done this and it works.
  3. Do the espadrilles not come in half sizes? All my shoes from Chanel are a half size (39.5) =, I haven't purchased any espadrilles though so am not sure
  4. The Chanel espadrilles only come in full sizes.
  5. Thank you dear ! I like the shoes so much that I just went with it, and to my surprise it only took 15 misn to break into the shoes, now it's quite comfy! Hehe
  6. I wear Roger Vivier with size 8, will Chanel Espadrilles Size 8 fit?

  7. Yikes, I have never purchased Roger Vivier before. I can tell you Chanel runs small and I half size up for all my Chanel footwear. The fit is more like Louboutins IMO.
  8. Can I ask what size are you in US women's? I'm a true size 7, and trying to decide if Chanel size 37 or 38 is best for me. Thank you!
  9. I AM a true 7.5 ONLY espadrilles size 38 work .
  10. Ah thank you! I guess this is one of those things I need to try on in store haha - now if only I can find those new tweed multicolors :sad: