please please help me!!!

  1. :shrugs: I don't know what is happening to me...
    I've just bought the mini lin tanger in camel two weeks ago, and now I've a real overwhelming impulse to buy an Alma.:shame:
    In this period I don't have so much money...:sad: but it's stronger than me...
    I think because in this period I have some family problems and I feel so discombulate...and buying LV it's becoming a disease, is my Linus rug... it's a psychologic matter...
    It's not a good reason to buy, but it makes me feel real better...
    Oh!:sad: !
    :heart: Stephanie.
  2. Welcome to LV addiction's dark side.:devil:
  3. I'm sorry to hear that you have family problems, i hope everything becomes better again:heart: you are addicted like the most of us:p
  4. dear Stephanie,
    I'm sorry for your family problems, but I'm living the same period about purse...and I havn't any problem...
    I' hope that crazy impulse is such a bonus for myself, for my job, for my own esteem!
    So buy all you need!!!
    Alma is very nice, whe I bought my manhattan I was undecided about Alma and Manh.
    Good luck!:drinks:
  5. I am sorry for your family problems....Shopping is really a good way to release stress...but I don't have much to spend either :crybaby:....It's ok to buy more bags if it makes you feeling better :yes:
  6. Oh! Stephanie..I'm sorry about your family problems. I think you've been bitten by LV bugs. Don't spend too much money when you feel down. You might regret it later, otherwise. Try to do something else besides looking at those gorgeous bags. Implusive buying is just a temporary remedy when feeling down. Cheers up :smile:
  7. Yea, I know ho wyou feel - you buy one, and already you need another!! Save your funds and then buy an alma - or check out and buy a used one for less?
  8. Well said! ITA
  9. Yes i agree, bags are great but not if you cannot afford at that time. So sorry you have family problems & I know how easy it is to feel better on retail therapy. You are probably just like the rest of us who cannot get enough LV but do wait until it is safe for you to buy again as you have enough problems at the minute without worrying about being in debt also. Buying the other bag that you cannot afford will only give you a high for a short time it doesn't make the other problems go away. I hope you will be happy again soon & over time build up a great LV collection.
  10. Before you buy it ,just think you have enough money or not for a bag just like but you needn't
  11. It is very hard when you're down and you want something so much...but you'll enjoy it so much more when you're finacially ready.

    Instead enjoy the bag you do have. Organize it, find an inexpensive charm for it, or an inexpensive make up bag. Photograph your bag...think of all the things you love about your bag....anything to 'play' with your current bag and extend your pleasure out of this purchase :smile:
  12. im totally agree
  13. sorry to hear that dear but you know buying a bag will make u feel better just for a little while, like twinkle tink said "extend the joy" for you last purchase (wich I also have and you know and we both LOVE) hehe...
    Hope everything gets better with your family and my advice is wait for the Alma and you will love it more
  14. Hey Stephanie, sorry to hear about the family troubles but just try to be strong for now. I have the tendency to fill the void and troubles of my life by buying stuff. the euphoria works for abt 30 mins only. =( Don't be tempted by that.

    you know you don't have the budget for another bag so soon so don't give in to it or you'll have a bigger problem down the line of more credit card debt.

    go with twinkle tink's advice of extending the excitement of the current bag! find charms and stuff. take pics of the bag and post it here. take the bag out! =)

  15. Well said!!! Hang in there girl, we're here for you. Sorry about your rough family time right now hun...just know 'this too shall pass'....If it helps, think back to a time when you were yearning for that very first LV, how hard that was to wait and save for...but remember the thrill, pride and satisfaction when you did get to bring that baby home!! And as twinkle.tink suggested personalize it in some small way to change it up a bit, make it more your own..for me I'm into Hello Kitty...I have the cutest Hello Kitty charm I was carrying on my Deauville a while back.

    Best of luck and warm wishes to you.