Please Please Help me with my first Evelyn

  1. Hi,

    I have been eyeing on envelyn recently. But, there is so many choice and color to choose from. Can you please help me decide the color and the leather and please give me the pros and cons of the leather and the bag. Should I go for black or other bight color such as red or blue jeans. If you have modeling picture of the bag that will be great. And, approx how much is the bag?:confused1:
  2. I have an Evelyne and it is the smaller model. I paid $1675.00US before the price increase. Mine is Gold,Clemence. I find it is a great bag,as it lets me use my scarves as the strap.
    evelyne mouss.JPG scarf evelyne.JPG
  3. I love my evelynes. I have 2--both PM2s. I am now considering a GM. I definitely recommend the 2 model (in either PM or GM) as they have an outside pocket.
    I love clemence for the evelyne-so soft and durable. It just molds to your body.
    I prefer brighter colors for the evelyne, as it is such a fun and casual bag. I have raisin and blue brighton.
    If you search on ode to the evelyne you'll find lots of great pics!
  4. I'm also looking into an Evelyn. What's the difference between PM and GM. I assume it's size, right? Thanks!!!
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  6. I think a moderator has to move the thread. Yes, the PM is the smaller one and the GM is the larger.

    Do a search and you'll find lots of posts with great info.
  7. I saw both the PM and GM at the Atlanta store, and the GM is really very large. It would overwhelm a smaller woman IMO.

    Does this bag have any interior pockets? It's my first choice for a bag, but I really don't want a bottomless pit.
  8. SIZE
    PM -- smaller side, longer strap
    GM -- larger side, shorter strap

    Evelyne -- outside pocket (none inside)
    Evelyne 2 -- inside pocket (none outside)

    Clemence -- softer, mushier leather
    Epsom -- shinier and stiffer leather
    Box -- never seen one in the store, but I think they exist.

    COLORS -- gold, raisin, blue jean, gris tourtelle, etoupe, cyclamen, black (I am sure there are more!)
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    My Evelyne doesn't have any pockets, inside or out :crybaby:

    miraco11 -- I have a raisin clemence Evelyne GM with GH and I :heart: it. I get tons of use out of it. And the GM is a great size -- not too huge (I'm 5'4"). HTH :yes:
  11. I have a GM2 in chartreuse. Love the bright colors for this style bag too. I like the outside pocket of the 2 and the GM is good for me at 5'4.5".
  12. I guess we all want different things. I'm 6' even, and I found the GM to be way too big for me unless I was using it as my carry on purse.

  13. Is there any chance that you could have been shown the TGM for the GM? If you're 6' (I am 5' 11"), then there's no way that the GM would be too big for you.
  14. umm...I went to the hermes in canada...For clemence its $2300CAD after tax it would be $2600 ...How much is the clemence GM in US??
  15. I think the GM2 was 2275 before the price increase. A plain GM would be cheaper.