Please Please help me I need a Friends and Family Bloomingdales COupon

  1. Hi,

    Please someone help me with a coupon, I want to get a bag and they won't give me the 20% off without the coupon. please please help!

  2. I got an email for code SV118 FOR 25%, I don't know if you can use it on the bag though..never hurts to try.
  3. weird usually they always let me use the 20% off w/o the coupon. I even got a little note mailed to my house telling me to go but I threw it away cuz I figured they will give it to me anyways.
  4. That's strange. Sorry I don't have one but I've never had to bring a coupon to bloomingdales. They usually give it to me without asking. Do you have a bloomingdales cc? If not that may be why. Try calling around to other bloomies to see if they have the bag you are looking for and will give you the discount.
  5. Uggg, I just threw mine away because I didn't need it at my local Bloomies. Where are you located? I'm going at lunch to pick my pre-sells. I can ask for another coupon for you. I don't know if I'd have enough time to mail it to you though. Let me know where you are and maybe I can PM you the code (is there a 1 time use code on each coupon?) if you can use it online. Bloomies shipping fees are astronomical though. I'd just go back and talk to another SA if I were you. I never had any trouble getting the F&F discount with the exception of the grand opening of the SCP bloomies, when the SAs were all new and didn't know what they were doing.
  6. go to the shoe department, the SA's are very competitive in that department. It usually works for me.
  7. lol ok, thanks for your help girls, what i needed the coupon for was to pricematch with Nordies, since I had a gift card to Nordies and the bag was not on sale during their own 33% of sale, anyway the Nordies ppl called me back and told me i didn't need the coupon they gave me 20% anyway and i was basically able to get a free zip clutch, actually i paird $3.18 for it. lol I'm gonna feature my story with pics, this is sooo crazy what happened to me in the last week, you guys will never believe it
  8. Does anyone know when is the next Bloomingdales Friends & Family event? TIA!
  9. Usually Nov and april-May for both Macy';s and bloomies