please please help me, i am lost..

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  1. hi ladies,
    i am so sad for HG bags...the jumbo blush and valentine chain fuschia...somehow i keep on finding the similar bag but NOT THE bag... for example, i found the valentine chain but the mini one and not the color that i want, and i do found the blush...but different model not the question is..should i just give up and just take these substitutes or should i stick to my HGs?
    My pros:
    in the back of my mind...what if i regret passing on these substitutes bags? since there is no sign ill find my hgs.. (i am thnkin, ill always able to sell them back anyway if i find my HGs...)

    My cons:
    its wasting money...i have been spending n spending n spending n i need to save for prefall n fall bags...the thing is i never made profit thru ebay..or thru reselling my bags..i dunno why..its always loss..

    sorry for blabbing..i dunno where else to go except you guys at tpf.. tia
  2. Hi there!! I know how you feel....
    Keep your eye on your goal and don't give up!!! In the meantime, if other bags you really really love come along, there is no harm splurging on yourself. Reselling is really difficult so my advice is to be wise in what you buy and if you think it's not gonna be a keeper, pass it by!!!
    Hugs and hang in there!!!
  3. i say keep to ur goal
    this happened to me several times, in pursue of my HG, i got "distracted" sometimes and i bought another bag, when mh HG popped out, i have to dig money to purchase it and it'll be like a waste of money because i won't love my "substitute" bag as well as the HG bag
  4. nooooooooooooooo never give up! Do you see how long my dream list is, I have also so far totally failed getting any of my HGs!!!!!!
  5. Don't give up ... the substitute will never be the same .... I have similar experience with my HG purses too ... good luck !
  6. Don't "settle" -it might be a quick fix, but you will never really stop pining for your HG's. In fact, you might not really even enjoy the purchases as much as your true HG's because you'll always be hoping they were something else, or thinking "o, if only it was this color or shade" -You'll find what you are looking for eventually, many of the lovely ladies on this forum are evidence that perseverance pays off. In fact, it feels SO much better getting it knowing you waited it out and got what you really wanted. ;)
  7. omg ladies i really dont know how to thank you guys, thank you so much for your kind support bagmad, seahorse, chanelbaby, iceearl and janny! well i actually know maybe in a way =) ok haha i will contribute my 'similar' HG found into the thread and let other people buy it, who knows its their HGs...ladies thx u once again and please please keep me in mind if you guys seen the valentine chain fuschia or jumbo blush. love y'all

    ps: chanelbaby - i think the patchwork chanel is not that hard? somehow i have seen it lately but cant remember which website because i browsed too many, be specific which one that u want? maybe i can help.