Please, please help me get my very own Hermes SA

  1. Ok...many of you have gotten to know me over the past two years. I live in Michigan, about four hours away from a "real" Hermes boutique. Yes, I know, I have access to the H boutique within N-M Troy, and I adore everyone who works there - but they can't get things from other stores, there are no special orders, inventory is permanently low, etc.

    I wish I traveled more, but that's not the stage of life I'm in right now. I am hoping to find a really nice SA at a real Hermes boutique who will deal with me over the phone or by email. I am not looking to score a Birkin or Kelly...I just want to work with someone who will help me track down the occasional scarf or accessory (or perhaps a Medor :wtf:) and who will let me know about new products (I'm captivated by the Kelly wallet!)

    So if you have a kind SA who might be looking to work with someone who is fairly easy-going and patient, please PM me with his or her name. Thanks for reading and happy holidays!
  2. why don't you just drive to Chicago? It is only a 4 hour drive????
  3. Go to Chicago once and establish a relationship there with a SA - buy something small. Explain that you need to be able to contact her by phone. I believe MI is considered to be in the Chicago boutique's "area", and if one has previously established an "in-person" relationship, then phone orders are accepted.
  4. coco-nut if I were near that area or even the same country as you
    I'ld def. give you some darling SA's names but I'm not...
    Anyways theres a wonderful gal I spoken to over the phone in Charlotte (extremely kind & helpful);
    if you want her name; PM me!
  5. There is a really nice SA named ED at the Honolulu store. I recommend him.
  6. Sounds easier than it is for me. I am mother to a five year old weekend athlete and a husband with a demanding schedule. It's really hard for me to get away on a regular or even impromtu basis.

    Everyone who has helped me in person in Chicago has been wonderful, but they suddenly seem to forget who I am once I call in an order. I've gotten the wrong color Ulyssee (would you confuse vert anis for Rouge H?), the wrong pattern scarf, items not mailed name it. The last straw was when I called an SA who practically tripped over herself fawning over my 37cm Rouge H Bolide in Ardennes, who later was rudely imperious when I called three months later trying to located a 31cm Black Bolide for my dying mother. (And I had bought Ulyssee with photo insert and a scarf from her in the meantime!)

    I didn't intend to complain in this thread, and I appreciate all of your suggestions. I'm coming to think that maybe 2007 just wasn't my year and maybe 2008 will be terrific :tup:
  7. How about Darra from Charlotte store? I'm in UK but ordered over the phone and email and she's been in touch since letting me know about new arrivals, etc :tup: She's really is an absolute doll!
  8. Yes, I agree. She is wonderful!!!
  9. ^thirded! she is fabulous to her customers.
  10. Coco-nut, I don't have a great suggestion as to an SA as I am fortunate to live fairly nearby several H's, but I just wanted to say that I am sorry you have been struggling! I have spoken with Dara (sp?) from Charlotte before and she has been lovely on the phone, and also I might recommend Jill at King Of Prussia, PA, who is also a sweetheart.

    Good luck! :heart:
  11. charlotte will ship kellys too
  12. Not sure if the helps you save time, but the king of prussia store is currently private and therefore not connected to the network - if you called to request an item, and they do not have it in stock, i doubt they would be able to help in your search. Nice bunch though, just limited I guess...
  13. Just bumping this thread up. I'm in the same boat as coco-nut. Would it be improper to just call Darra cold? How do I introduce myself? What do I say? (Can you tell I'm a bit shy?). I'm looking for some specific items that I can't find in Troy. Also, I have a sinking feeling that I'll never be able to get a Birkin or Kelly through the Troy H since there are so many bigger spenders at NM there. Thanks for your help!
  14. Darra from the Charlotte store is a DARLING. She's my new non-Neiman Marcus SA, and everyone has rave reviews. I just ordered something from her and she was amazing.

    I called her up cold, told her who I was and that several ladies from The Purse Forum had recommended her to me. She loves how into bags we all are, and if you mention tPF she'll be more than happy to help you! She immediately found exactly what I wanted and it arrives Tuesday! I'd highly recommend her. And if she's not there, Kallie Girl said that Jason is also super nice. Good luck!
  15. Excellent! I was starting to get a little nervous about whether or not to mention tPF to an SA. On some other threads, it sounded like it was a no-no, but it just didn't make sense to me. tPF brings in so many more H customers (and sales!). I would NEVER have purchased H anything if I didn't learn so much from tPF first. In a weird way, tPF demystified H enough for me to dare to buy something!