Please Please Help me Find Jumbo Red Flap

  1. I am incomplete without it!!

    Needs to be a jumbo - medium is too small.

    I have had such a bad experience with one and really really need one.

    Please if anyone spots ones on their travels let me know which store you saw it in.

  2. ahhh I know how sad Sam is today, she received a supposed brand new Red Jumbo from an actual Chanel store that was in appalling condition :wtf::sad:, and I am sure she will tell you all about it when she has got over the shock.

    But if anybody knows of one for sale, och, she really deserves it :biggrin:
  3. awww sorry to hear your story. I am desperately trying to hunt down one as well. Good luck in your search! :tup:
  4. aww thanks

    just be sure if you get one from the boutique then that you ask what state its in!

    I wouldnt even have sold this one for $500!!!!
  5. What was wrong with it? My curiousity is now piqued.
  6. Which store did this to you? I suspect the story is going to be appalling as is the bag if you say it's not worth even $500. The least they could have done is told you they have one that is not up to standards and would you be interested after it comes back from a refurbishing at a discounted price. To have sent out a bag in less than perfect condition let alone in a deplorable state is unspeakable, dishonest and a bunch of other descriptors.

    I would take close up pics of the purse; write a letter to corporate Chanel, enclosing the pictures and the receipt. Put them on the spot and see just how they handle this fiasco.
  7. aw thanks everyone - I am going to post pics in the main thread - was a bit scared to (guess cos I was in shock) but now I am more angry than anything!
  8. As you should be. At these prices, you are entitled to perfection. I hope you find the red. Good luck!