Please, please help me decide!!

  1. My husband is no help when it comes to helping me pick a style. Why do I even bother to ask? I can't decide between these 2 bags. If I get the Bleecker duffle, it will be in the wine color. If I get the Felicia, it will be in the British Tan. I can't make up my mind. Thanks.


    P.S. Please don't recommend to get both. I know how you enablers are!! I've already gone down that road many times in my mind!!
    Coach Saddle Bag.jpg 11423_d1.jpg
  2. You need to try the bleecker before you decide. They hang quite low and although I love the colors, I'm just not sold on the style. I LOVE the hobo though and just might have to get that bag! I know the duffle is great for some people but I really think you need to try it on to know if it works for you or not.
  3. I like the first one...I don't care for the longer bags. That might just be b/c I'm so short and long bags make me look even shorter! Either bag would be a great choice!!
  4. You know how I feel about the bleeckers, but I DO recommend going to the boutique, or Macy's, or ANYWHERE and trying them on before you purchase ANY of them...this way you will know how YOU feel about them! I love BOTH of your color choices, and whichever you choose will be the RIGHT decision! Good luck and PLEASE post pics when you choose!!!!
  5. I love the first one!!!! I'd go w/ that one!!!
  6. I have to agree with the 'trying it on' advice. For me, drop length is really important, so I have to test it to see if I can wrangle kids and keep the bag in check at the same time!
  7. I like Felicia. I've not seen this style before and I think you could dress her up or down. The bleeker is a little too deep for my taste, just think everything would be hard to find in there.
  8. I like the first one myself.
  9. I would prefer the 1st one if it isn't too wide. The bleeker only if I could shorten the strap I love the buckle on the bleeker and love the color you would purchase. Now this was a big help lol Enjoy choosing.
  10. I love the first one! I wish they had more colors to choose from.
  11. Wow. I guess I'm going to go against the grain. I :heart: the Bleecker. That's what I say. :tup:
  12. I think you have to decide whether you're an east/west bag gal or north/south bag gal. I'm an east/western bag gal myself, I would go for the Felicia. :tup: I'm ALWAYS digging for my things at the bottom of the bag when I wear long narrow bags...I find that an east/west bag is easier to organize especially in the larger sizes. I also vote for you to try them both on and give them a test run at the store before you decide. :yes:
  13. Get what you like and what looks best on you and what you are comfortable wearing. I vote for the felicia, because I just don't like the bleeckers at all.. sorry!! ;)
  14. Personally I like the Felicia from the pics but I also recommend trying them in person before deciding...
  15. I'm so torn! Here is where I believe my real dilemma lies. I love the Felicia and have since the day I saw it. I love the Wine color of the duffle. If Felicia came in Wine, I would be all over it. So, do you go for color or style? I know style is the right answer, but I have a whiskey mandy, a black mandy, and a clay gigi. Do I need a black Felicia? Can I carry the British Tan when the bulk of my wardrobe is black? So many head is spinning!!:wtf: