Please, please help me decide. Which shawl should I get and why?

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Which shawl to get?

  1. La Rosee

  2. Orient Occident

  3. Neither

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Please help me decide. Which shawl should I get, La Rosee in Honey/yellow/orange or d'Orient et d'Occident in black? I can afford only one. I am hesitating, because I am concerned about how easy it is to match clothing/handbag in terns of colors. Which design is better?
    La Rosee.jpg Orient d'Occident.jpg
  2. the black one. it has a prettier pattern that fills up more space.
  3. I voted for the black one too.
  4. ^^I agree. If you can only get one, get the black one. It has lots of other lovely colours in the design too.
  5. Both are just beautiful, but JMO the black will match more in a wardrobe. Good luck!
  6. Thank you, ladies. It seems to be unanimous so far.

    Any additional votes before I hit the BIN button?
  7. One more for the black. I like the colors and the design.
  8. Me too .. I liked the black one better
  9. Another vote for the black, here!
  10. The black one.
  11. The black one...
  12. Thank you so, so much! You all helped me change my mind. I was initially drawn to the La Rosee, because it looks very nice against black. My only concern is how well it matches my waldrobe colors (mostly neutral colors, limited red, and no orange). The black border shawl is something that I have been searching for a long, long time. Your unanimous vote made my decision easy, as I trust your expert opinion.
    Needless to say, I hit that Buy-It-Now button.
    Thank you. Thank you.
  13. I love the black!