please please help me choose...

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  1. guys please help me choose between these 2 bags. i have to buy the bag today, im in hongkong and leaving tomorrow. im having a hard time deciding between the 2. they`re totally different from each other but both pretty.

    which is more practical, more of an everday bag, prettier and has higher resale value? and why?

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  3. well..i know that LV has a higher resale value that Gucci....i have the damier speedy 30...and i have a gucci bag also........i say go for the Gucci! everyone has the speedy! =)
  4. I like the LV Damier Speedy much better than Gucci.
  5. Buy the speedy. Better resale, fabric will show less wear so look new for longer, can use in bad weather without worry. Holds so much stuff without looking bad. And very cute as well!
  6. Neither. Save your money for an Hermes bag, Birkin, Kelly, or Bolide, which is a true timeless and elegant bag.

    If you still want to buy one of the two choices in question, then let me think.
    Speedy is more popular than Gucci in terms of resale.
    (As someone has already pointed out), the LV canvas is more hardy than the Gucci cloth.
    However, the Gucci is more functional both as a shoulder bad and a hand carry bag, whereas the LV speedy can be hand carried only (meaning very inconvenient).
    In terms of appearance, honestly, I prefer the Gucci Hobo over the LV speedy for 2 reasons. 1. LV speedy has been faked so often that whenever someone carries one around me, I immediately think it is fake. 2. I do not like the loud image of LV logos on the canvas, and I think the canvas looks cheap.
    I guess I prefer the Gucci Hobo over the LV Speedy, if I must choose. However, if I buy either one, I know I'll sell it on eBay one day, so as to fund an Hermes bag.
    Good luck with your decision.
  7. my first choice was actually the LV damier speedy 2nd the gucci bag but when i went to LV yesterday to check on the speedy i was silently shocked at the quality of the bag material wise, canvas and red lining fabric. i just didnt expect it to that made me think twice. i checked the gucci hobo for the 3rd time, and it was cute but on the thin side. now im torn, i am still considering the speedy due to its resale value and i just love the damier look.....arrrgh its hard.

  8. for resale value, LV is definitely better than gucci.

    I have that gucci hobo and a speedy, I prefer the gucci because its more practical for me (you can wear it on your shoulder, while speedy is an arm bag). But thats me, I prefer a shoulder bag than an arm bag.

    Good luck!
  9. ^ Yes, ITA with everything you said!!! :yes:

    Plus, I see a ton of fake Gucci here, but I've never seen fake Damier IRL. Lots of fake LV, but never in damier. Don't know why :shrugs:...
  10. I would definitely go for the damier speedy!! All the reasons have already been listed as to why I think it's the better choice! And plus, unlike the Gucci, it doesn't scream designer/logo, kwim? But that's my personal preference. Ultimately, get which one you LOVE and the one that would fit your lifestyle most. Let us know what you decide! :smile:
  11. thank you all so much. i went to both stores a few hours ago. first gucci, tried the bag for the endth time, so cute and functional, next stop LV. yes damier is my favorite line of LV but sadly it just didnt feel right. maybe 25 is too small especially the opening so back to gucci. now im the happy owner of the britt meduim hobo. its actually my 3rd gucci. thank you guys!

    my next bag either damier speedy30, mini lin speedy or neverfull damier MM. it will be my first LV. :smile:
  12. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    i choose the damier speedy, it's def. higher resale value too
  13. Another vote for the LV...the Gucci is nice, but the LV is classic!
  14. I have that Gucci bag in white and it's gorgeous. It sits very comfortable on the shoulder. I also have the LV speedy but 30 in the monogram and I use it a lot. The LV does have a high re-sell value.

    Congrats on your Gucci! I would go for that one too. The 25 is really small.
  15. LV canvas is lightweight, so it might lead you to believe it's not sturdy or good quality, but it truly stands the test of time. LV canvas is a workhorse bag material. It will definitely retain its appearance and value longer than the uncoated Gucci canvas. For that reason alone, I would recommend LV over Gucci. However, I may be biased. I looooooooove LV.